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The precision angular cuts of a Wagyu makes it all the more convincing one shd pay such a ridiculous price for unprocessed turds.

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TBF, no one takes NZ's army any more seriously that poofters in gowns. Frankly they are doing all of the service of dressing the part. Perhaps it even gives them an advantage by giving pause to those unwilling to strike a woman.

@VijeMiller · 2h
When you elect people whose sole vain purpose is to give value to their existence by creating laws - regardless of necessity or not - bunkum is inevitable. Multiply this uselessness exploited and a country implodes from abundance of needlessness.

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Seattle, WA is 7,626 miles from India
Kshama Sawant born 1976(g) in Shitsmell, India
Moved to Seattle in 2006
Elected to City Council in 2013
[beat] hates local police
"America" accepts this treasonous behavior bcz America no longer has an identity.

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Democracy romanticizes that voters are the lawmakers -while- in reality modern democracy is an inundated form of dictatorial governance that requires citizens to riot against its leaders to prevent errant laws.

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