@VijeMiller · 7h
Ridiculous high incidence of American businesses negatively affected by export tariffs - when domestically there is no sense of universal stability nor cultural agreement to volunteering our goods. A country is ill when foreign workers and exports.

@VijeMiller · 9h
Minor detour from engineering project episodes for 3 to 5 new bit episodes including 2 parodies 1 mockery and 1 potential dramedy. Stay tuned -> #TVShow

@VijeMiller · 10h
Frosted white LED on a 3V coin cell -> day 15 -> uh uh Nature uh uh uh finds uh uh uhway. #pingpang

@VijeMiller · 10h
Vibe is that UFC charm is wearing off as grapplers have been replaced with fists - which if we wanted to watch sparring we'd return to WBC.

@VijeMiller · 13h
3,600,000 on probation
1,500,000 in prison
870,000 on parole
740,000 in jail
/ 14,000,000,000 lbs of garbage
dumped in to the oceans annually
= 2086.4 lbs per criminal
/ 365 = 5.7 lbs per criminal per day
*uh hem* #pfs

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