@VijeMiller · 1h
Curiosity can equally be poisonous -- for aye wish aye would smartly turn away from looking at the horrific things many people do -- and yet w/o knowing, ignorance is not my bliss - nor welcome when judgement of others comes to pass. #SeenTooMuch

@VijeMiller · 2h
Idiot Mind Your American Business Reminder: Hong Kong protests stemmed from protecting criminals from extradition across lands with in the same country governing said lands. (>_ლ) Sound familiar --> "Americans" pursuing the rights of criminals first?

@VijeMiller · 4h
#DrownBlendBrifkani ...would be the punishable discretion in an elective monarchy and if by chance aye were king. Simply a suggestion of course [hint wink]. #pfs

@VijeMiller · 8h
NEW Engineering > Camera Tripod Mirror Monitor

@VijeMiller · 8h
Gabbard is infinitely more highly and intrinsically respected by men and women alike. Her accomplishments are such that you are torn to question them if not groomed. Either way, Democrats think a lanky "apologetic" bankruptcy lawyer is more viable.

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