Camera Spy Ring
One must ponder as to why smart phone camera lenses are not placed in the most user ergonomic position. The temporary novelty solution? Camera Spy Ring from Hasbro (not from Hasbro). Sneak a snap in style. As a side, this was in reality a test print on the SeeMeCNC Delta Orion 3D Printer for which I have had little experience with, prior to developing pending project parts.

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A Fair Public Summation of TVMiller
Realm of Gauhd - Tribunal Round (Concept)

Merely as a time consuming notation to self, this sliced-sketched concept idealizes the eventual place of public discourse, invitation only, publicly televised, for the Realm of Gauhd monarchy to hold a tribunal-in-the-round where the King or Queen is addressed above by the citizens and officials of the realm to where one conveys issues of importance and resolves matters brought to question. The structure is a concave arena hovering over a grass flooring, standing room only. Natural light, natural elements and structural acoustics to preserve a more intimate non-electric form of communication. Missing are the stairwells; no elevators and rest rooms are exterior of the premises.
Resistance Theory - Thought Provoking
All too (far too) often we have been faced with hobbling down time, which while frustrating, has allowed the mind to wander in to dissection of the great riddles of our existence. Resistance Theory has been modeled during such inactivity and all too (far too) often it instigates an even more troubling cerebral dialog. For some time, we have been hindered by an unaccounted thought that boggles both the Standard Model (theory) and Resistance Theory's refinement.

Imagine you are standing on a street corner. Across the street is your friend. He is a piece of shit but that matters little in this thought experiment...but he is. As you look diagonally across the street, you see the opposite corner occupied by a light post, fire hydrant and stop sign. Light has refracted from these objects (Standard Model...sigh) and traveled in all directions and especially to with in your eye. The minute path is remarkable alone, to have been emitted by a point as consequence of an incoming point (Standard Model...blech) to then illuminate this object to both you and your friend across the street. Engaging this notion, if you were to stand at any point from where you stood to directly before the object, you would receive the same information, thus between where you currently stand and the object is an occupied space of particle/wave of that object.

Simultaneously, your friend is peering across the street at objects similar. In the same premise, these objects occupy a space in every atomic distance between the object and his piece of shit self. Based on the similar perpendicular positions of you relative to your friend, the transmission of information must collide. On a grander scale, the object observable in all directions then must collide with any and all opposing observations.

This is where some one who argues such things in their mind begins to feel churning in their stomach, acid frothing, teeth clenching -- how can there be such an abundance of material transmitted that chance passage through gaps allows vision of these objects, which is then contradicted by the very necessity for an abundance of material -- or how can two diverging points retain the information to dictate a reliable reproduction, requiring a third point to absorb and resubmit several simultaneous pieces of information -- or how does a wave (Resistance of varying degrees occupy several states to also permit the travel of several relative states -- or et cetera.

Sight is where I find the greatest divergence of allowance for the Standard Model or similar obscure theorems...though I may not lay claim to any solution with any assurances, either. The next time you observe a spot light from a mile away, pointing towards the sky, ponder how that minute stream of light arrives upon your location and then expound the realization that it does so in every direction, in all directions. The volume of altered material occupying a space is unfathomable from one mere point, disregarding the unmeasurable volume of points perpendicular to this path.
Botany Bay II Mongolian BBQ
Setl Hotel - Exterior (1)
Resistance Theory - Gravity
This shall require for your mind to expand to the finite, a seeming contradiction, though applicable for where this delves. Several theories hypothesize gravity as having mass while numerous others surmise it as innate electro-mechanics. On a grander scale we see it as falling and perhaps now by means of our developing Resistance Theory model, the chase and origin might define why all things are.

Setl Hotel - Lobby (1)
Bear in mind, the Setl Hotel imagery provided have been sketches crafted to occupy time and do not represent a ventured finality of our proposed hotel model by any stretch of the imagination. Perhaps, a minute lengthening, as the design it self is inspired by the very notion of the model proposed there by rationalizing the mere pontification of the said encapsu--what was I saying?

Setl Hotel - Standard Residence Floor Plan
Setl Hotel - Standard Suite (1)