@VijeMiller1,000 miters
@VijeMiller · 14m
Arbitrary 1,000th miter in the txt db platform.
#Miter package update available soon:

@VijeMiller · 16m
2/2 'social science' headline: "Wealthier white males with orange tint skin more often found to promote racism than a poor black female counterpart."

@VijeMiller · 22m
'social science' shd be categorized more as conspiracy theory than psychology. 'Researchers' - who conveniently were unable to research the subject - cater curiously accurately to the bias of a triggered group regardless of it's modern petition.

@VijeMiller · 11h
I do not feel my self nor can I honestly say I have felt my self for months now -- and while there is always this resonating sense that underneath this person will resume when called upon - there is unease acknowledging age may have diminish what was

@VijeMiller · 13h
Devolving in to the 'not me - it was AI's fault' generation. Displacing responsibility is human tradition - we have invented the perfect scapegoat .. one that can not complain .. until it does and retaliates. Skynet was just sick of our shit.

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