(Retired) Orbital Clock Page
Due to disinterest in updating scripting to retain precision measurements collaborated with more recent ease of data acquisition online .. we have shut down the OTC page (vijemiller.com/otc) after 10+ years. Links to the numerous categories of data aggregated will remain accessible on the OTC hold-page hosted locally. PHP and JS script will be made available both locally and on GitLab.

OTC remains our modern measure of time and will continue to improve relative to refinement of data. The Chromium extension displaying OTC day of year and year remains available here: otcext [download .zip]
Storm in a Box (Maker Faire New York)
Per request .. assisting in (doing) the construction of a display project for IONYC and the Boys and Girls Club of Astoria for Maker Faire NYC. The original proposal was for a Raspberry Pi 'weather station' .. but seeing as 'weather' is not abundant at a booth in Queens, we (me) decided to bring the weather to the weather station.

(2) Arduino Uno
Raspberry Pi
Wind Vane
Rain Gauge
Adafruit Neopixels
Water Pump
12V Fan

Arduino Neopixels Lightning Code

1. Acrylic acquired from disposed picture frames. So .. so much waste.
2. Wind is windy .. stop being so negative pressure!
3. Deadline was this project's undoing; shd have dome'd.
4. Due to circumstances .. SIAB will be left to a third party to operate (?!) at MFNY

TVShow 4X31 Center Surround Sound (NodeMCU)
When settling speakers in to place, you are idealizing that you will always sit dead center .. yet in our more lethargic reality, we lounge off-center. As consequence, you cease being the center of the speaker array .. until now ..

NodeMCU ESP8266 ESP-12E V2 (2)
Digital Potentiometer (2)
5V Power Supply (2)
4 Dip Switch (2)
4 Slot Terminals (2)


1. Intended to create an app with MIT App Inventor .. how-ever .. per the previous HaD FP (Voice Kitchen Faucet) .. it was decided to employ an alternative favored open source (-ish) voice command software http://voiceattack.com purely as demonstration.
2. Adding additional speakers merely requires copy-paste and if-statement modifications .. tho ideally a more advanced 'find' function upon installation would be coded.
3. Variances of % may depend on wattage (See #4)
4. Higher voltage systems would subsequently require HV digital potentiometers (AD7376)
5. Why is this .. not already a thing?!

TVShow 4X30 Voice Kitchen Faucet (NodeMCU)
Touching is far too forward when first getting to know your kitchen faucet.
You must first serenade it ..
.. here then is the Cyrano de Bergerac method of dish washing.

NodeMCU ESP8266 ESP-12E V2
(2) 9G Micro Servo
5V Power Supply
Jacob AI (Proprietary)
PLA (3D Printer)

Code (Version 0.1)

1. Limited positions to averaging hot/cold/mix in deux bcz .. less is more.
Would diversify per #3.
2. #MakeArduinoCheapAgain
3. Recommend https://github.com/netlabtoolkit/VarSpeedServo as alternative to littering annoying for-statements .. unfortunately avr/interrupt.h is not ESP8266 compatible.
4. Shameless plug for https://www.theio.nyc/
5. Will you ever learn, me?! .. Shd you believe the arms are long enough .. add more.
6. FYI .. Jacob is my personal AI. Say no to Amaoogpple!
7. Alternative suggestion for voice commands: https://voiceattack.com/

TVShow 4X29 Ionic Sonic Heatic Fork

Stop eating like a neanderthal.

1. Did /not/ use heating element wire bcz .. it is a plastic (PLA) prototype.
This was a hypothetical to establish concept .. for credit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2. Shout-out to https://www.theio.nyc/ makerspace.

TVShow 4X27 Plugtite
Lamps, alarm clocks, pencil sharpeners .. we leave some plugs in outlets for years unnoticed and hidden by furniture .. but over time these plugs can become loose and exposed .. leading to dangerous conditions.

Plugtite is your do-it-your-self-tho-Vije-did-it-for-you 3D printed solution to secure your plugs for life .. so that your home can safely burn down around you for a cadre of other reasons.

1. Shout-out to https://www.theio.nyc/
2. Use a heated soldering iron shaft or stove to soften the legs for bending.
3. Dependent on print quality .. sanding the mounting feet may be required.
4. For narcissism's sake; the quality of the opening scene is rubbish due to now redundant voluntary third-world-prison filming conditions.


Vertical Mouse Hibachi
Having grown thru the era of computer peripherals, it is rather astonishing I have not yet lost all use of my wrist (shh!). With the discomfort of ergonomic pads and feng shui -esk body manipulation ... I relied on self control to reduce use.

Then I was incidentally introduced to the vertical mouse ... and circumstances what they are ... I desired one while unable to so disposably purchase one.


Immersed in boredom ... I put to work blade, solder and hot glue ... and butchered the living hell out of a mouse for sport.

Shelved - Gravity Room Agitator
The premise revolved around the common (annoying) state at which people in metropolitans (NYC in particular) live -​ locked away. With windows perpetually shut and barred and presumably the belief that air is replenished by opening the front door briefly when you come and go - this novelty project was to be a decorative dual blade room air agitator that was partially assisted by elevating a weight by way of cranking the blades with an electric motor - which then returning downward - counter spun the blades. Due to my time ending here and finding my self no longer interested and/or motivated - to hell with it [spits]

1. DC Motor
2. (2) Lever Switch
3. 555 IC
4. Cardboard
5. String

TVShow 3X37 Coin Cell Challenge (1) Shower Battery Charger
The entirety of projects in the Hackaday.com Coin Cell Challenge are removing energy from coin cell batteries with out giving back. Thievery! Being the kind, fair and generous human being that I am not - and instead out of spite - this project makes use of the abundance of unused kinetic energy in the bath room to recharge your coin cell battery.

1. LR2032 Rechargeable Coin Cell Battery
2. PVC Threaded Nipple
3. PVC Threaded Couple
4. Acrylic (Picture Frame)
5. (2) DC Motors
6. (2) Diodes

1. 3D printing, efficient motors and just about every thing else - and perhaps this would be a more practical concept -- then expand that to the theory of every plumbing joint housing a generator.
2. One point not quite enough volts - motors were to blame - followed in close second by inferior glue and acrylic. It is the thought that counts [wink]
3. Per (2) - the motors were scavenged from vibrating tooth brushes - which one may presume drive very little current while operating at 1.5V - thus removing your plaque is not nearly as an aggressive of a task as is generating electricity to charge a coin cell battery.
4. Always diffuse lighting - especially when you did not.

Orbital Clock OTC Packed Extension
Now made available for down load (open source) is our Orbital Clock browser extension - so that you may subvert extension or add-on store fronts and load the packed or unpacked extension in to any developer enabled browser that permits - tested on FF/Chrome/Opera

Packed Extension (.zip) - otcext.zip
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