HLT1 - AB1, SRBs and LP Draft (2)
HLT1 - Experiment Series - Scaled "Al Cowlings" Rocket (1)
The second stage of the HLT1 project is the first stage carrier rocket and is one of the more significant in the experiment series.

Ballistic coefficient models do not calculate for thrust pressure inefficiencies from displacement. As displayed in the aerodynamic pressure diagram, thrust efficiency is lost as density is compensated. The first experiment at managing this loss will employ a cowling to funnel displaced atmosphere to a channel around and possibly through the combustion chamber.

In addition to purposing the redirection of atmosphere towards the rear of the rocket, utilizing dimple aerodynamics which creates a turbulence buffer and lowers separation will draw down more stabilized low pressure along the y-axis of the craft.

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HLT1 Experiment Series - Rockoon
To achieve an unburdened approach, we must find absolutes in necessity. Cameras, sensors and communications are requisites for scientific research. HLT1 as a payload, is not that. The unique attributes and operation of HLT1 is thusly hindered by more simplistic encumbrances, allowing for experimentation to achieve our objective.

One such experiment is Stage 1, the launch platform, which consists of 3 aluminium strut beams affixed to a launch cylinder housing the HLT1 rocket (presently unnamed) and held aloft by hydrogen filled polyethylene balloons. The launch platform will then rise to an elevation >20km where the atmospheric pressure has descended below 50mb. The first experiment will be a scaled model (wiki/rockoon) utilizing modifications from a 3D printer to (1) construct a successful release, (2) research center of gravity and (3) clearance.

Coming Soon > Experiment Series - Rocket Aerodynamics
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HLT1 Preliminary Draft
HLT1 (Hacked Lunar Transponder 1) has displaced HLC1 as our initial Lunar project. The estimated 230 mm (9 in) diameter encased spherical lander's cost efficient operational stratagem will include a (1) low gain antenna, (1) s-band transponder, (7) ultra bright red LEDs and (1) chaser circuit fed by a power exchange and solar cell(s). Due to the irregular landing, HLT1's internet streaming transit will include a cash prize locating contest for amateur astronomers.

Engineering > HLT1

[Update] The current operation model (2) will unify the HLT1 lander as an impact resistant geodesic frame with internal monostatic sphere that will display a laser array on the Lunar surface and skyward.
LED Bar Mat
Beta testing a pressure sensitive LED bar mat.

Engineering > LED Bar Mat
HLC1 Stage III Sketch Draft (1)
25$ DIY New York Shower Spa Hack
New York City. The center of the world and considering that a majority of the world is in thirds, then it is appropriate. Those who have lived with a median income in New York City are all too aware of the 1800's-esque water pressure and heat application being equivalent to some one just spitting on you near the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. Embittered to the point of forcing myself to do math, we constructed this minute 25$ hack shower spa. Despite a modicum of pleasure, New York City remains the vacuous rear opening of a behemoth whore.

Engineering > Engineering Dump

[Update] A contemporary version with (3) solenoid driven inline valves tied to an on/off control panel is currently under construction. #StayTuned
New English 2.0 Typeface
No matter the era, written language will remain the prevalent form of communication. The apparatuses that platform these symbols however, have evolved dramatically through out human history. The modern era utilizes several dynamics which are hindered by particular stagnant elements of the evolution of the English alphabet. As of this posting, we progress to adapt by reconfiguring the baseline descending lower case letters of g, j, p, q and y.

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How Culturalism and Racism Works
Forbes Top 10
Dangerous Cities in America

1. Detroit
Black: 82.7% 590,293
White: 10.6% 75,660

2. St. Louis
Black: 49.2% 157,092
White: 43.9% 140,170

3. Oakland
Black: 28.0% 109,471
White: 34.5% 134,925

4. Memphis
Black: 62.6% 406,962
White: 31.7% 206,081

5. Birmingham
Black: 62.4% 151,665
White: 35.0% 84,987

6. Atlanta
Black: 54.0% 226,801
White: 38.4% 161,281

7. Baltimore
Black: 63.7% 395,552
White: 29.6% 183,804

8. Stockton
Black: 12.2% 35,548
White: 37.0% 108,044

9. Cleveland
Black: 53.3% 254,988
White: 37.3% 178,444

10. Buffalo
Black: 38.6% 112,962
White: 54.4% 159,288
Forbes Top 10
Safest Cities in America

1. Plano
Black: 7.60% 19,747
White: 66.9% 173,833

2. Henderson
Black: 3.76% 6,489
White: 80.4% 141,006

3. Honolulu
Black: 1.50% 5,058
White: 17.9% 60,368

4. Santa Ana
Black: 1.50% 4,856
White: 45.9% 148,838

5. Lincoln
Black: 3.80% 9,818
White: 86.0% 222,205

6. San Jose
Black: 2.90% 27,508
White: 28.7% 271,382

7. Mesa
Black: 3.50% 15,366
White: 64.3% 282,303

8. Colorado Springs
Black: 6.30% 26,234
White: 78.8% 328,144

9. Aurora
Black: 15.7% 51,037
White: 61.1% 198,622

10. New York City
Black: 23.0% 1,896,329
White: 33.3% 2,745,555

Top 10 Dangerous Cities National Demographics

Black: 2,441,334 | 63.0% of 3,874,018 | 6.2% of 38,929,319
White: 1,432,684 | 36.9% of 3,874,018 | 0.7% of 196,817,552
Note: Non-Hispanic White or European American

Top 10 Safest Cities National Demographics

Black: 5.2% 2,062,442 of 38,929,319 (12.6%)
Note: New York City is 91.9% 1,896,329 of 2,062,442
(w/o New York City) 166,113 | 8.3% of 1,992,814 | 0.4% of 38,929,319
White: 2.3% 4,572,256 of 196,817,552 (63.7%)
(w/o New York City) 1,826,701 | 91.7% of 1,992,814 | 0.9% of 196,817,552

[Examiner] Top 10 Dangerous Cities each led by a Democratic Mayor
http://www.examiner.com/article/top-ten ... a-democrat

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