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@VijeMiller · 1h
Killed Rocket Launch Line of Sight Finder which was a piece of code that permitted you to enter an address and select a rocket launch site - to see a line plotted on GMaps giving you directional LOS. Google altered code - so - meh.

@VijeMiller · 2h
Beta testing BitChute link embedding in #Miter - and fortunately it shall be far simpler than the maze of YouTube regex variables.

@VijeMiller · 3h
Must not be discouraged by the lack of arctic climates in the first phase of our future kingdom (#Gauhd) for ideally the northern regions will be eventually annexed -- optimistically. #pfs

@VijeMiller · 3h
It feels like a 'shd be at a chalet' sort of evening. Per #pfs there was some search for chalets in Mexico and coincidentally - the north eastern region produced a result - tho the photographs did not convey confidence in the snow chalet theme.

@VijeMiller · 4h
While disgusted with BitChute's presentation - and dismayed by it's existing bad press as a 'white supremacist platform' - YouTube must be abandoned - so until there is a reasonable alternative - uploading has begun.

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