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Update - Perpetual Motion Rough Draft 2 (V.2)
Update - Domain Name Change (48 Hour Notice)
Following recent confirmation, be advised that within the next 48 hours, vtyhw.com will be recessed into a forwarding domain and the new main internet address will be tvmiller.com. Please make the appropriate changes to bookmarks and electronic mailing addresses at this time and additionally be advised of a particular downtime while this transition occurs. My next posting will follow the completion of the propagation and will provide information regarding any additional alterations subsequent.

Update - Centered Surround Sound
The conceptual illustrations and description for the Centered Surround Sound system is now available on the vtyhw.com Index Page. Utilizing contemporary components which makes this design achievable, versions of home theatre surround sound systems can be reconfigured to adjust precisely to the user. Often when viewing your television, your placement is off center which is where the general point of reference for the sound system resides. Imagine with a press of a single button, the sound system realigns point of center to your current position. Out of box, this unit will ask for pre-programming of specific room and speaker layouts which will delineate further algorithms to actuate the adjustments during operation. A single button on the remote control will activate a series of infrared sensors to identify distance and angular trajectory from point of center which will allow the home theatre unit to adjust the fade and balance decibels of each individual speaker, re-referencing point of center to your present location. During operation, as long as the remote control maintains line of sight to the base unit, you can adjust point of center to accommodate any position. Discover more details on the Center Surround System page.

Link: Concept - Centered Surround Sound

Update - Torque Scooter
Rough sketches for the Torque Scooter are now available on the vtyhw.com Index Page. The general principle behind the device is to adapt a more proficient means of propulsion onto the novelty youth foot scooter (ie...Razor) without hazarding deterioration from abrasion of your footwear upon the surface of the roadway as well as preventing a margin of blunt force compression of anatomical components. The design allows for a downward stroke from your rear facing foot upon a pedal that actuates a mechanism that rotates the rear wheel with a brief torque. The collapsing arms of the mechanism then allows for return to position under a housing spring load which permits the user to repeat this motion for continuous momentum. -- Originally, the design was to be manufactured utilizing parts from various lawn care equipment, however, due to the deviation of resources into Sphere, this extent will remain at this capacity until further resources become available. For those desiring more information on this draft, contact me through the customary channels.

Link: Torque Scooter

Inactive - Location #12 Conceptual Designs
Briefly developed for the Orlando location (#12) upon arrival was an initial ergonomic platform inside of a 3.4 m x 3.7 m (12 ft x 11 ft) apartment room that would have accrued a curved desk following the coverage of an entire wall at 2.4 m and a bed structure that would have sat atop two angled curved sheets of wood creating storage space as well as an unique support system. The additional shelf easement protruded from under the rear wall load bearing of the desk and would have acted as a storage and docking station for peripherals. Due to financial accountability in other fields requiring necessity, this project was terminated. This image was a first draft conceptual graphic design from masking the surface area of the actual room.

Home Built - Silk Screen Press (Inactive)
These are photographs from a now retired condensed silk screen press I erected for under $37.00 utilizing aluminum, particle board and a generous amount of my friend, Mr. J. B. Weld. The short stature of the base was designed to be secured by clamp or fastened with pre-drilled guides into a workbench requiring less depth to a work station for fabric printing. The only additional components that were to be added was a “kick-stand” or a more refined locking mechanism for frame retention while operating on the palette surface. I will likely develop and assemble a more matured adaptation and quite possibly a rotary unit for multiple passes in the near future upon requisite.

Thoughts - The Edge of the Universe Contest
Being that astrophysics has become a competition of ethereal conjecture...here’s a wiz bang shoot’em up challenge for all those theorists out there...

A = Universal point of origin (“Big Bang”)
B = Star at the furthest point from origin A
B2 = Photon emitted from Star B unabated by conditions
B3 = Photon emitted from Star B deviated by C
C = Proposed extent of a universal bubble

For the universal bubble theory -- a device to which all “big bang” and subsequent “big crunch” theorists must embrace -- to find relevance, then the proposed barrier would create a deviation of photons thus creating a defiance in accurate measurement of space or if there is no basis for a barrier, B2 would continue to travel unabated thus extending the distance of the universe many times the speed of light you square. Anyone? There might be a shiny nickel in it for ya.

Essentially the question poised is this: Where are the photons facing away from point of origin going or is it that as matter (B) expands and deforms the fabric of an external substance of space from point of origin, photons are unable to defy these boundaries from lack of subtenant mass subsequently deadening or generating a volatile state? I’ve got more irrelevant bullshit to entail on the edge of the universe but I am happy to hear your perceptions while I accept my grants and deferences.

Updates - Hiatus, Progeny, Sphere and Francesca / Zen
The hiatus as been expunged sixteen days ahead of schedule due to accomplishments in various discourses necessitating resolution. However, note that following Day 274 there will be an underdetermined length of down time due to reassignment to a newer base of operations now entitled “Chateau”. A beneficial consequence provided by this vacant palette, the chateau will serve as a breeding ground for numerous devices in the coming year.

I had recently obliged myself as illustrator for the comic book series...however, thanks to the accidental exchange with another individual, I will likely soon announce a new lead illustrator for the Progeny series. The anticipated deadline for the announcement is Day 290 Year 66.

The Index Page calendar section will communicate an alteration to the initial regional insurgence of Sphere following an analysis of rapid economic insertion and extraction potential coinciding with the substantiation of the influential exploitation measure.

Francesca / Zen
This is a personal vendettaed rejoinder from a nearly two year old dialogue that I had failed to resolve upon the discussion.

Francesca you unbelievably breath-taking viral creature...Zen is an abstracted practice of Mahayana Buddhism which delineates absolution from opposing merits of defined resolution about existence. The dharma or higher truths are revealed only upon discarding the means to covet perception. That alone is incongruous to a biological specimen disseminating it as ethereal nostalgia. As a principle to Buddhism, four fundamentals characterize the root objective with one particular notating salvation into a celestial realm. Another merit of ethereality. Zen meditation allows for the combining of the body and mind to attain bodhi or enlightenment to achieve a stasis of universality. These alone perpetrate the ethereality of Zen regardless of the irrational nativity of Buddha himself.

Progeny San Diego Comic Convention Flyer Preview
Here is a sneak preview at one of the illustrations that will be available on a glossy cardstock flyer that will be exclusively available at the Ancient Squid booth on the exhibitors floor at the San Diego International Comic Convention which is now only 33 days away. The flyer will also grant the proprietor a discount on the pending first issue of the Progeny series.

As previously mentioned, the Progeny internet page will be going through a renovation to better enhance the insight into the first issue and provide additional behind the scenes and glimpses into the complete mini-series. Production is also underway for a video trailer for the Progeny series. More updates will soon follow.

Illustrations by Callista Cassady.

Two EBay Listings For Blackhawk Tactical Gear
I have posted two listings on EBay for three items from Blackhawk Industries. If you are a user of Blackhawk tactical gear, I suggest visiting the links below to checkout the nearly half price deals on never used items. I have a cache of equipment that I later decided not to use for my particular excursions and I will be posting these and several more pieces on EBay in the near future...check back frequently.

Blackhawk Omega Drop Leg Medical Pouch
Regular Retail Price $59.95
Tv's EBay Listing Price $33.00 ($5.00 Shipping)
Link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 9527432638

Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Small and Medium Utility Pouches
Regular Retail Price Each $32.95 ($64.95 For Both)
Tv's EBay Listing Price $30.00 ($4.00 Shipping)
Link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 9527430780