Worst thing about teppanyaki in NY are the NYers who can not shut the hell up and eat. NODA in White Plains earns a 4 of 5 -- every thing was well done -- my only fickle scorn is not halving the shrimp and a soggy salad lettuce. #Assessment - 21:16:41 337 017 Miter
Update - Perpetual Motion Rough Draft 2 (V.2)
Update - Sphere Doctrine
As previously identified upon the available poll to nominate prioritized subject matters to be indoctrinated, here once again is the current inventory of topics of generalized focus presently encumbering civil populations:

Animal Welfare
Civil Liberties
Civil Rights
Consumer Affairs
Drug Policy
Financial Services
• Foreign Affairs (D50 Y67)
Homeland Security
• Immigration (D50 Y67)
Natural Resources
• Race/Ethnicity (D50 Y67)
• Religion (D50 Y67)
• Reproductive Rights (D50 Y67)
Rural Affairs
Social Security
Urban Affairs
Veterans Issues

Foreign Affairs
As delegated by the principle of coalition, neutrality is to disallow this segregator from occupation. Initially, during primary development of the civil amalgamation, diplomatic relations with disengaged assemblages will be onset by proscribed commerce and thus resolute by conceded margins. Subsequent of completed global sapient confederation, the word “foreign” will become ineffectual relative to geographic administration.

Communal globalization will disallow psychological or physiological sapient predilections to coordinate geological boundaries. Subsequent of completed global confederation, the word “immigration” will become ineffectual.

Derived from corroborated biological characteristics, the hominidae sapient species on a base genetic level are correlated regardless of distinctive environmentally conditioned characteristics. Higher elucidation will pursue unprejudicial methodologies by means of counter-culturing and civil accord. Geographic and environmental references are entitled by means of classification of supplemented conditioning.

Ethereal objectivity will be discriminated by procedure of invalidation and subsequently abolished. Any practicing ethereal congregations will be considered a commercial institution held to the accountability of commerce legislation.

Reproductive Rights
Entities biologically contingent on a host are wholly assets of said host pending severance.

22:57.10 336-6 OTC
Update - Top 9+ In Development w/ Notations
1. Orbital Time Calendar
Though already several days into the new year, the exhaustive crafting of this seemingly insignificant looking calendar will allot the means of repetitive use, which eases transition and increases functionality. The anticipated release date of this calendar will not be available for another 20 days.

2. Sphere - Doctrine
While the voting process continues, several dialogues are soon to appear on this website regarding the particulars of topics already engaged.

3. Short Films - Fooled
The recent acquisition of a video camera and accelerated mode of transportation has hastened pre-production on several of the less byzantine shorts.

4. Multimedia
Currently, a colleague of mine is reproducing several digital copies of multimedia that will be redrafted on this website in the coming weeks (Orbital Time Week = 5 Days)

5. Documentary - Nothing Mor
Pre-production, no further updates.

6. Screenplay - Morningside
Draft 8.

7. Short Film - Dreams “Sub-Pilot”
Pre-production, no further updates.

8. The Pillow II Teaser Trailer
A relatively minor novelty project, the teaser encompasses insignificant requirements and subsequently can be produced with little effort.

9. Music
Torn between genres, current efforts are being applied to several earnest tracks such as “Follow” while also pre-empting the creation of a comedic rap doppelganger entitled Poppa Cap of a group branded as Whyte Noyz with our first track titled, “White Slavery”.

Comic Strip - Politicks
Web Design - matchcutfilms.com
Web Design - asailorsdream.com
Refuse Bin Lever
Professional Wrestling (Major News Pending)
Toilet Design
Comic Book - Progeny
Paranormal Research - Post Mortal Waste
Perpetual Motion

21:54.46 322-6 OTC
Update - Top 9 In Development
1. Orbital Time Calendar
2. Manifesto
3. Short Films - Fooled
4. Documentary - Nothing Mor
5. Multimedia Video Updates
6. Paranormal Research
7. Screenplay - Morningside
8. Music Track - Follow
9. Television Series - Dreams "Sub-Pilot"

15:56.39 302-6 OTC
Update - Domain Name Transition Completed
The transition has been completed successfully. The previous domain of vtyhw.com will subsist for another year utilizing meta forwarding scripts to the correct addresses however please adjust all bookmarks and embeddings to accommodate the new domain name of tvmiller.com.

Several changes have also been applied to the electronic mailing addresses. For example, the previous vtliame@vtyhw.com will now forwarded and will subsequently be replaced by tvm@tvmiller.com.

Please advise of any irregularities in relation to links and/or domain addresses while perusing tvmiller.com.

10:34.26 302-6 OTC
Update - Domain Name Change (48 Hour Notice)
Following recent confirmation, be advised that within the next 48 hours, vtyhw.com will be recessed into a forwarding domain and the new main internet address will be tvmiller.com. Please make the appropriate changes to bookmarks and electronic mailing addresses at this time and additionally be advised of a particular downtime while this transition occurs. My next posting will follow the completion of the propagation and will provide information regarding any additional alterations subsequent.

17:34.53 300-6 OTC
Update - Domain Name Change
Within the next 71 days, and subsequently for an undetermined amount of time, vtyhw.com will be redirected to tvmiller.com which will become the source domain name for all ventures currently seen here on this internet site. I will advise immediately prior and following this transition.

23:10.53 297-6 OTC
Updates - Photographs, Doctrine and Top 9
Three photographs and their brushed filtrations leftover from the originally conceived Orbital Calendar have appended the Miscellaneous category on the Index Page.

Philosophers and leaders alike are compelled to revealing their dogma in order to suit merit for credence and confidence by the masses deemed contributory. Starting this year, I will begin a series on Brainwashed that will critically define the principles perceived amongst a series of pertinent subject matters currently afflicting civilization today that are intended for inclusion into the maturation of society through the elements of Sphere. Structured into three parts, each passage will designate premise, afford luminous amounts of tangible research and subsequently rationalize vindication for perspective. The first of these canons will be discussed in the coming days.

Top 9 In Development

Current Project Volume: 49

1. Orbital Time Calendar
2. Comic Strip - Politicks
3. matchcutfilms.com
4. Documentary - Nothing Mor
5. Screenplay - Morningside
6. Short Films - Fooled
7. Television Series – Dreams
8. Engineering – Ergonomic Bed
9. Engineering – Refuse Bin Lever

12:2.31 290-6 OTC
Updates - The Year End Inclusive
Orbital Time Calendar
After having negotiated various layouts for the transitional Orbital Time wall calendar, I have decided to reduce the complexity of the document and amend it to be tolerable enough to be downloaded and printed by the user at no charge. Pending several more drafts in the coming days, I expect to have a completed Year 67 Orbital Time Calendar available for download shortly.

Supply and medical proliferation is currently underway. Recent analysis has allowed for the reduction of supply requisites which subsequently aides in the timeline pacing.

Due to economic diversions to Sphere, Fooled is still delayed until further notice. Expectations in the coming season are to advertise the need for a producer to assist in financial and resource allocation.

The sub-pilot and several teleplays prompted for this television series have been delayed for some time with intention to shortly reactivate this project. The Dreams sub-pilot will be attached to the Fooled proposal for a producer in the coming season.

Nothing Mor
Several draft scripts are still in rewrite, anticipation for this project has dwindled somewhat recently though with new materials pending, it should be reinvigorated in the coming new year.

This new one panel cartoon strip written and illustrated by myself will be displayed in the first week of the new year and will be followed with several more over the coming season.

Since being delayed for more than a year with several incursions into the project, I have since had the opportunity to review the several drafts of the first script and have begun a rewrite to improve and augment the initial issue. Expectations for this project in the new season are undetermined at this time though intentions are mounting to employ an illustrator or once again review my capacity to occupy the position.

Though three of the five scripts for this graphic novel have been completed to great satisfaction, this project requires the employment of an illustrator which at this time imposes a delay with no certain deadline foreseeable at this time.

Simply put, a sixth draft is underway. This screenplay has been in the works for a good six years now and continues to bludgeon my sanity.

In anticipation of the purchase of an acoustic guitar in the coming new year, several new pieces have begun being notated in addition to the several comedic lyrics of the ulterior personality known as Poppa Cap.

An ergonomic pneumatically adjustable bed design is being drafted as well as several variations on a more efficient and burden free toilet.

Refuse Bin Relief Lever
This adaptable addition to current refuse bins is proving to be much more problematic than anticipated. With no certain means to resolution scheduled, this project remains delayed until further notice.

Several of the videos available on vtyhw.com are undergoing renovation due to poor quality and/or lack of audio. Expectations are for 90% of the multimedia to be updated by the coming season.

Everything else is delayed with no discernable update.

00:29.35 284-06 OTC
Update - Brainwashed Flash RSS Aggregator
Creating or editing PHP to HTML RSS aggregators is assuredly difficult for novice or even conventional internet enthusiasts. Employing Adobe Flash and PHP technology and with special thanks to software architect Steve Nelson (thegoldenmean.com) I have added a simple flash embedded application to be utilized on your personal internet community website(s) reflecting the latest posts from Brainwashed via RSS. The embedding scripture is located on the flash RSS reader for your expediency. Your distribution and exploitation of this script is greatly appreciated.

19:23.39 273-06 OTC