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New York City Room Rental Agency Reviews
Scattered about the internet are vague and often times useless third-party (see this article) appraisals of New York City room rental agencies, offering little to the consumer as a means of evaluation.

The while bringing your poor huddled mass yearning to breathe freely, with exceptional emphasis on poor, you may find yourself limited to inexperience and succumbing to an initial bureau, subsequently either wandering about on your own dime to crack dens and visual hospices or chancing upon the rare (unfortunate) miss and landing a sweat one bedroom grotto lathered with the opposing sex in abundance, who prance about nude and/or naked whilst cooking and cleaning. Let's us pray...er, begin.

3470 Broadway
2nd Floor
New York City, New York
(212) 561 5727

Attempts to visit their website yields a parking space offering nothing but re-directions and spam, neither of which is theirs. Upon contacting by telephone this 'business' -slash apparent residence- the answer'er greeted with a vague 'hello'. I unsteadily pondered, "Is this, Rentasy?" The reply was doubly indistinguishable, 'yeah'. Overwhelmed by professionalism, I hung up. My initial perspective aligns that with the sight of moldy bread.

Rentasy: Fail

Room Rental Referral Services (Roomssite)
11 Penn Plaza
Suite 5157
New York City, New York
(212) 695 7368

Their website conveys a sense of encouragement, a considerable wealth of questions efficiently answered which reasoned further deliberation. Then of course, the once heralded telephone brought this organization to the gallows. Upon answering the phone, I was placed on hold. Approximately 8 minutes later, the gentleman returned and hastened a reply to my first and only question regarding 'if locations were available in Manhattan'. He informed me with an inarticulate inaudible flounce, "You need to come in, I don't have time to answer your questions." Acknowledging an investment led to my inner curiosity to this bombasity...which lured me into intolerance. Suffice to say, the disinterested agent acquired several words. I would envisage this establishment as questionable.

Roomssite: Fail

Wilson Reality Company
60 West 22nd
4th Floor
New York City, New York
(646) 233 2859

Another website that bestowed a modicum of information. A reply via electronic mail and sensitivity of time led to my employing of this agency. The nearly hidden business is sheltered on the top of 4 stories of stairs and huddled in a small room resembling a former doctor's office. An elderly man perches himself at a desk in sight and gives you little to no attention the while a woman and/or man eventually greet you. Brief paperwork and conceding 150 dollars, they gift you with a location to visit seemingly suitable to your request. I had asked for the pricier establishments within the city (200+ per week) and the primary locality I was sent to was near Times Square. A crack whore barely clothed had me view their most expensive 'room' that one might go to use as a storage shed rather than reside. I abandoned the site promptly and conveyed my infuriation. They optioned to me three alternative locations to view in Brooklyn, well outside of the area implied. After a brief investigation, the area considered was equivalent to a third world country. I returned to the offices, emphasized my rage the whilst they advocated with rolled eyes that they slickly lightened my wallet without much labor. My resentment with this establishment is on par of that how Galileo might have felt with the church.

Wilson Reality Company: Fail

NYC Rooms For Rent
606 West 145th
New York City, New York
(212) 368 1132

Sans website, not a good sign in this contemporary era. Arriving in the region, I was immediately impressed by the environment. Professional office space, considering the surroundings and Wilson Reality, and a proper greeting. I advised the woman of my interests in something substantially better than the lesser end pricing and within mere moments (+/-5 minutes) and with the surrendering of a rather costly 200 dollars for unlimited services rendered, I was ushered to a room where I now reside, with amenable substitutions available. Internet, television, new mattress, freshly painted walls, sensibly safe and a cleanly environment for 175 per week. It is satisfactory considering means and a worthy foundation to ensue from. Prompt, professional and courteous, this is the agency that I recommend for locations within Upper Manhattan.

NYC Rooms For Rent: Pass

Delta Room Agency
3644 Broadway
New York City, New York
(212) 862 0457

Discomforted by the website which has not been updated (or for that matter previewed by it's owners) since it's likely inception on the first of March of this year, a telephone call was obligatory. Polite, though obtuse, this seemingly professional establishment appears to provide adequate services and having passed by it's store front that conveys an impression of authority, I would have considered this as an alternative for investigation of application having had not acquired a residence with the NYC Rooms For Rent.

[Update] A worthy alternative with the understanding that you have the authority to say no, and do so liberally. They often obtain room listings that they cannot give away so they will attempt to first peddle them upon you in hopes of your desperation. Resist the urge and query for more options. They are polite and professional(esque) so you should present yourself in the same manner.

Delta Room Agency: Pass [Update]
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The 'The Kitchen' Extortion (La Cocina on Third Avenue)
La Cocina
430 3rd Avenue
New York City, New York
(212) 532 1887
Owner: George Urzue
General Manager: Tatiana Martinez

In my 17 years and 155 employments, occasionally an employer will detrimentally exceed the boundaries of tolerance and integrity, thus coursing my neurons to implode with a cacophony of anger and revenge. Our very 'Penitence List' was crafted from this very discernment. Some have faired a stay of execution, awaiting the consequences when I am more apt. Few, such as George Urzue of La Cocina, will not earn a protracted relief.

The extortion is quite simple. In an attempt to exploit unregistered employees, this four restaurant business owner deceptively under-pays (reappropriated), under-the-table supplemented by tax evasion.

Within my recent employment, an average work week consisted of 9 to 11 shifts ranging from 6 to 8 hours per shift accumulating an average 63 hours per week. Their tactic is to pay per shift as alternative to per hour ($20.00 for lunch and $15.00 for dinner). By these means, the 63 hours converts to $180.00 in wages. The exchange hourly from a legal employment is $298.00 (-$118.00 p/week).

A busperson currently earns $250.00 for 68 hours of employment, a variation of no less than $150.00 p/week or more. However, this wage is compensated by further deceptive procedures.

At end of day, a server or bartender is required to surrender 25% of 18% of sales which is on average twice the common 2% or 3% of sales that a restaurant would 'imply' that you tipped-out to your busperson. This increased tip-out compensates for the busperson's lower wage while significantly diminishing the server's overall income to an unheard of 10% or less of sales.

As the employees are perceived to be without residency, both federal and state taxes are not accounted for per individual which effects the employee's annual filings, diminishing all opportunities for recompense and good standing with peripheral investments.

These fraudulent methods are replicated at the owner's additional locations, generating prominent turnovers.

This particular location includes some caveats that would bewilder any rational employer/employee. The general manager placed by the owner is an under-educated and to some extent irresponsible 21 year-old woman from Colombia who has been employed in the food service industry for less than 3 years. Often times she bartends in the evenings and has on several occasions 'demanded' tip-out of 10% of 18% of sales to her. (Do not forget to tip-out your General Manager)?!

A few notable quotes, "...could go downstairs and tap a nap in the office if I wanted to," and "...it doesn't matter, I would have transferred it to myself anyways. I don't need to thank you." Additionally, she will depart the premises an hour or more prior to closing, leaving the aforementioned busperson to secure the restaurant.

When this employment has concluded in the very near future, this information in further detail will be disclosed to the proper authorities.

[UPDATE] We failed to observe weekly/monthly diversion totals in order to more completely augment the concern: $118.00 p/week + 1/2 25% of 18% of sales average ($12.00 p/day * 6 avg. shifts w/busperson = $72 p/week) = $190 p/week * 4 weeks = $760 p/month avg. shorted by La Cocina.