"Don't worry Mr. President, just know right before you die here in Dallas that we won't let any one know the details of your death for 40 years *whispers* and probably not even then." #JFK 12:10:00 38 018 Miter
(6 of 9 - Part II) Vagina Mouse

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(3, 4 and 5 of 9 - Part II) PeepStick, AssShield and PoopShute

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(2 of 9 - Part II) LockLight

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(1 of 9 - Part II) Card n' Arm Spokes Strap

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Press Release: OHREC Project Announcement

Postboks 4012
DK8900 Nuuk Greenland

OHREC Project Announcement
As of 0300 today (344/4068) Project:Sphere has been reclassified under the entity O.H.R.E.C. [OHREC] All identifications regarding the former project title have been altered to suit. Few references to the preceding title may be present as incidental.

This document has received signatory response and has been authenticated by the Executive Director of Operations Tv Miller.