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Elderly Car Guide "Granny Car Glide"
Transporting elderly individuals frequently can cause headaches as you balance them into and out an automobile. The Granny Car Glide aides this process by creating a comforted buffer between a standing and seated position. In a thin housing hung behind the passenger seat, the support easily slides in and out for convenience. Once extended, simply contracting the aluminum, plastic and foam-cored layering and affixing the support 'strap' takes mere seconds. The entire unit is then supported further by the solid 'strap' making contact with the edge of the automobile door frame.

Lottery Logic
Let us theorize for a moment that the lottery apparatus was a means of distributive wealth amongst players (laboring occupants) rather than solely a municipality diatribe. If this were in fact true, the payout dynamics would be drastically different than what they are. Here, we will examine the alternatives with greater societal application as resolution. Our inquiry vehicle is the Powerball lottery.

Purchasing a Powerball lottery ticket for $1.00(US) will garner the following payouts, odds and percentages of a base 15 million dollar jackpot:

43 million dollars of a collected 146 million is placed into the prize pool to cover all payouts including the 15 million jackpot. This is a 0.30 to 1.00 return with the disparity (103 million) held to governing applications. Average playership is 3.9 million with a 97.27% probability of a losing number combination. 2.7% will earn equal to or less than $100 each of the non-jackpot 28 million. The remaining 0.03% will earn $10,000 or more, up to and including the jackpot.

The core to perceive is that 105,300 winning players will earn trivial amounts, not including those with non-awarded winning combinations selected.

What if...the 15 million + 28 million were more diversely distributed? The logic applied is the common 'why?' purposed when a winner achieves some irrational prize claim:

Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tag/christopher-shaw

Is it without question that a populace would wholly agree that larger payouts for diminutive combinations would increase playership which constitutes greater volumes of distribution. Additionally, with a greater payout across the board, more value can be absorbed from government payouts (0.30:1.00) and taxed via prize expenditures.

This entire scenario is only applicable with an additional resolution to another cockeyed 'why?'. Income taxes for large sum lottery winners ($5,000 or more) can result in losses of 28 to 47% of payout. The irrationality is that purchasing a lottery ticket 'donates' (regressive tax) 70 cents to the dollar already. Canada, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy and the United Kingdom are tax free. For our example, we visit the country of Logica.

Taking from the core 15/28, we can reduce the jackpot to 1 million, adding 14 million to the 28 (42). Carry over from curtailed winners of averaged pooling still applies, though retains percentage distribution across the board. The following spreadsheet demonstrates variations on the 30% model, 50% and 25% carry over.
Professional Wrestling Promo Video (Thrice Edition)
We impurely re-edited the now 3-year-old professional wrestling promotional video (Deuce Cut) down to a minute thirty and unfortunately was only capable of adding a single more recent clip from FSPW South. It's not great nor horrible, but patently not great. Either way, book Tv Miller. (mvt@tvmiller.com)

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day (Mohampoo)
Once-a-month bathings and hijabs can dry and damage hair. Harem Salons' Mohampoo uses non-scientific breakthroughs to lastingly nourish and hydrate with natural botanical ingredients, leaving hair looking and feeling luxuriously soft and healthy even after long days riding people-donkeys to adolescent wives. And now Mohampoo has 20 per cent more sand than leading competitors!
(Flying Spaghetti Monsteru Akbar and Praise be Joe Pesci)
ref. Sandro Botticelli's 'The Birth of Venus'
Surnia ulula
The newest addendum to tvmiller.com has been a specieal hieroglyphic of our cynosure for an allegorical amount of time. Encapsulating the mythological prehension characteristics of an owl (Strigiformes) and the Machiavellian predation of a hawk (Accipitridae), the Northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula) manifests as an appropriate metaphorical analogue.
Wheelchair Risers
Removable pair of rubber molded 3 to 4 inch wheel risers for larger steps with cross-form for diminished storage occupation. Targeted for advanced wheelchair operators.
Link: Wheelchair Risers
Locality Retrospective
Though our internet presence exceeds this current domain to a pre-Gorian era, since '063, we have moored a minute less than 100K corner of this information carpool and slowly evolved from a mere spec to a merer spec. Thanks to the Internet Archives' Wayback Machine, we have been given an opportunity to look back at the evolution of our brand. Below are a series of snapshots from 063 to 067. During these final years, we transitioned to our current format in which a colorful introduction can be rediscovered here. [113/066]


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(8 of 9 - Part II) Bloody Stool
Due to technical and contemporaneous issues with two -now former- projects, this eleventh-hour auxiliary will be the final useless b.s. gadget and/or contraption presented in this 2nd series...of needless though tenable and erstwhile imperceived gadgets and/or contraptions. We have thoroughly explored the human body and mused on the comforts of treachery and while our distinctiveness is bold, we shall pretend this may have never occurred.

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(7 of 9 - Part II) Pillowrap

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