Worst thing about teppanyaki in NY are the NYers who can not shut the hell up and eat. NODA in White Plains earns a 4 of 5 -- every thing was well done -- my only fickle scorn is not halving the shrimp and a soggy salad lettuce. #Assessment - 21:16:41 337 017 Miter
EyePhone Piece
-Every 5 Days-
Cellular phones have aggressively become a centralized apparatus for all things electronic, especially photography. Newer phones now standardize 8 mega-pixels and 720 dpi recording. Manufacturers now sell tripods, steadicam rigs and adaptive lenses in recognition of this. This DIY EyePhone Piece (ref. cell phone eyepiece) amends to this field by giving the user an unobstructed and clearer view of the photograph poised...[more]
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Every 5 Days Returns!
Thanks in part to a copious amount of austerity inspired malaise paralleled to recent interactions with world-renowned recording artist Suzy Sellout, it has become apparent that we've 'screwed the pooch' here at tvmiller.com over the last several months. In retrospect to our successful program earlier this year of releasing a new project every five days -- we are going to release a new project every five days until we have attained a respectable margin of exhaustion of our intellectual supply. Check back here in 5 days for our first addendum.
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That's Gay Yo!
In Development - Vending Melancholia Edition
1. EyePhone Piece (v.2)
2. Plugtite (Molding)
3. FV3* (1X02 Principle, Merchandise and Website Design)
4. 'Morningside' Screenplay (7th Draft)
5. iCard (Printing)
6. Music Composition (Whyte Noyz - 'MST')
7. Project 47 (1.1R/A and OP.Pond)
8. Practicum (Course IV)
9. Stand Up Comedy
10. Children's Book "Son of a Bee" (1st Draft)

148 projects on stand-by
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Updates - FV3*, EyePhone Piece and Receptacle Plate
[UPDATE 04:33 333 070] Due to several variables including the inability for the 'center for the world' to provide for apparati of all measures of fabrication, the following schedule has been delayed until further notice.

23.00 330 070
EyePhone Piece Released
FV3* 1X02 Principle Photography (Yonkers, NY US)

11.00 331 070
FV3* 1X02 Principle Photography (Yonkers, NY US)

10.00 332 070
Waste Receptacle Face Replacement Pattern
FV3* 1X02 Principle Photography (New York City, NY US)

08.00 333 070
FV3* 1X02 Principle Photography (Brooklyn, NY US)
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600,000 Anniversary
For no other reason than by the sheer admiration of brilliance has our site-counter reached the momentous occasion of turning 600,000 hits old. I bow to your veneration.

[Stats] tvmiller.com/stats.php
[Google] 4.06% - Electric Tambourine
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LG Rumor Touch VM510 (Virgin Mobile) Review
Imagine for a moment that a multinational electronics company forged a product that heralded direction from user demands and carried that into a platform's discipline. I would imagine that a smartphone with that measure of bravado would rival all.

Elsewhile...LG is saving frying pan grease from the morning's bacon consumption.

Having had to replace the first LG Rumor Touch due to a faulty OS (ver. VM510PV5), causing calibration errors, media slot reading errors, multimedia playback errors, starting and stopping errors and error errors -- we delved into the current unit searching for appeasement. #fail. The updated OS (ver. VM510PV7) did little more than enlighten us to the truth that the majority of the phone is a sniveling counterpart to an attempt at smartphone-ary.

The OS, which uses terms like 'bubbles' for notifications (gay), idealizes that third world pre-teens are it's core consumer. An icon-less and limited menu leads you down paths of self destruction with useless or format functions near normalized functions. The calibration fails in that it demands you to follow their positions, not vice versa. The media player is apparently such a convoluted entity that no other actions can be performed, aside from the occasional reading only of a bubble...blech. It starts and stops more frequently and unexpectedly than a drunken public urination...and often during conversations or texts...like a drunken public urination. Speaking of streams, a failure to fully stream online content, leading to the dreaded 6% in what almost appears as a networked governor. And while I have been a fond consumer of Virgin Mobile for well over 5 years, the vacuous hole of applicable applications applicable of being installed is frustrating (save for vmtouch.com for ex.).

The physical features are far from superb as the touch screen seems more apt to scratching than my stomach after gorging on fiberglass and without a true lockout function, the horizontal slide is the most challenging boundary to a thief or girlfriend (same thing).

Our perspective should be relatively clear, just don't. Virgin Mobile now offers such more appetizing roboty alternatives.
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Adventure Medical Kits Thermo-Lite 2.0 Bivvy Review
The variance between an emergency bivvy sack and an emergency blanket is the sewn seam along the lower quarter up to half which subsequently becomes the most delicate segment of the bag. The Adventure Medical Kits Thermo-Lite 2.0 designers failed to recognize this and divorced a higher tensile stitch and seam at the point of separation, leading to a prompt tearing of the material with regular use. Until the manufacturers remedy this, I highly recommend not purchasing this brand's bivvy. #fail
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In Development - 32.718 Edition
1. EyePhone Piece (Coming Soon to Instructables.com)
2. Plugtite (Stage 3 - Molding)
3. FV3* (1X02 Principle in 2 days)
4. 'Morningside' Screenplay (Draft 7 Rewrite)
5. iCard (Coming Soon)
6. Music Composition (The Tv Music Band and Whyte Noyz)
7. Project 47 (DR-Op 47Pond)
8. Practicum (Courses IV and V)
9. Stand Up Comedy

142 projects on stand-by
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Facebook Code Extermination
After a generosity of probing, we have determined that integrating the garish Facebook scripting into this website is parallel to installing AOL or being HIV positive. Thusly, we have terminated this beta project. The comment panels for each individual posting remains unspoiled...please enjoy WoW spammers.
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