Worst thing about teppanyaki in NY are the NYers who can not shut the hell up and eat. NODA in White Plains earns a 4 of 5 -- every thing was well done -- my only fickle scorn is not halving the shrimp and a soggy salad lettuce. #Assessment - 21:16:41 337 017 Miter
Blender Concept
In Development - Marquis de Sade Wallpaper Edition
1. Project 47 (1.01R/A)
2. FV3* Documentary (Photography, Website)
3. Short Film "Negotiations" (Writing)
4. Plugtite (Prototype)
5. learnshutup.com
6. Short Film "125th" (Photography)
7. Blender Design (Concept)
8. Personal Space Jacket (Concept)
9. Waste Receptacle Face Replacement (Prototype)
10. Whyte Noyz "Anthem" (Writing)
11. Metrocard Wallet Swipe (Concept)
12. Toilet Film (Concept)
13. SGU Door SFX (Prototype)
14. The Tv Music Band "Gone As Usual" (Score)
15. Commentary "Mound of Sermon"

118 +/-
18:30.50 336-10 OTC
Poo-Doh Factory

Engineering Dump > Poo-Doh (Play-Doh) Factory

22:53.19 327-10 OTC
FV3* Part II Still (1 of 6)
Part II of the FV3* documentary is still in post-production but here is an exclusive first look at stills from the highly anticipated continuation of this epic 6 part deux-trilogy.

[Link] FV3* Documentary
08:3.42 323-10 OTC
Learn How To Say Shut Up
Yes? Oui. No? Geen. What about zipper your pie-hole?! Often times our now delicate culture fails to shut down an idea before it becomes a reckless courier of absurdity and with over 5,000 languages world-wide, that task is daunting. Learn Shut Up will aide you in managing this skill when anywhere in the world. #StopAbsurdityToday

Spread the word by Facebooking and Tweeting:
I'm learning to #stopabsurditytoday by visiting http://learnshutup.com

While the website is now live, it is still under considerable construction. Assistance, suggestions and/or corrections are recognized: tvm@tvmiller.com
05:11.5 320-10 OTC
Mound of Sermon 1X01 Guest Speaker Jon Tyson (Coming Soon)
As a result of a recent cataclysmic social event and the consequential amendment to our Penitence List, our Mound of Sermon program to be unveiled in a mere six days, has selected it's first reoccurring guest speaking and not outrightly targeting an individual for unadulterated vengeance. Allow us to introduce to you the defier of an innate community, Trinity Church pastor Jon Tyson. In our first episode we will look back to the 9th of this year (9-January 2011) as Jon Tyson renders a guest sermon at the Trinity Grace Church in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Listen in as we audit his incessant derisiveness and bigotry for the amelioration of mankind and not as an initial chiding of this psychoneurotic asshole. [Coming Soon]
20:33.7 300-10 OTC
Mound of Sermon - Introduction
Doubt is reasonable, seeking is resolution. Turn a cheek whilst slaying the wicked. Fear God, and love him. (-or her) These are but a mere speck of the contradictions and irresolutes of a conventional church sermon. Next week, we will unveil a new web-video series titled Mound of Sermon that will take an in-depth analysis of a weekly lecture with audio commentary by Tv Miller.
17:11.36 298-10 OTC
In Development - Tapas Edition
1. Project 47 (1.01R/A.P47 and Burn Map)
2. FV3* (Documentary Part II, Website Design)
3. Sidewalk Canon (Documents, Experiment)
4. Whyte Noyz - 'Must See This'
5. Music Composition
6. Website Design (suzysellout.com and tba)
7. Politicks (1 Comic Strip)
8. (4) Miscellaneous Videos
9. 'Son of a Bee' Children's Book
10. Waste Receptacle Face Replacement (Modeling)
11. Plugtite (Mold and Casting)
12. Stand-up Comedy

+/- 140 Projects
08:36.51 294-10 OTC
Sidewalk Canon (VI) On-Ramp
When exiting a building or accessing a lane of traffic from a street, you must observe the same rules applied in Part V.

Upon exiting a doorway you must:

1. Stop.
2. Look both directions regardless of intent.
3. Yield to all traffic.
4. Enter your lane of travel at an acceptable velocity as to not compromise other pedestrians.

This course of action applies as well to entrance from a street or automobile parked adjacent to a walkway.

Lane possessors must cautiously accommodate impediments such as doors or sublevel access points.
19:34.56 291-10 OTC
Sidewalk Canon (Part V) Lane Changes
When crossing perpendicular over an opposing lane, direction of travel must first be possessed. All intrusions into opposing traffic lanes must yield to opposing traffic and allow traffic to pass until a clear path of travel can be obtained.

When crossing a parallel lane, you must merge towards the center of the median, allowing for passage of succeeding pedestrians.

To change lanes outside of a corner or intersection, all edicts identified with a parallel lane change in addition to all edicts governed by (Part IV) must be observed.

18:59.13 286-10 OTC