Sionic Fork
The next step in over-complicated eating has're welcome. Say dinner is served and you want to amp up the cuisine. The home chef removes the Sionic forks from their charging station and you prepare to dine as royalty...assuming they as well have Sionic forks.

Here's a brief notation on cooking. Heat accelerates molecules in the food, changing the density and composure of the material to make it more edible..and deader. Microwave ovens use a method of dielectric heating to accomplish this task more efficiently.

Meanwhile, once disengaged from their charging station, and no larger than a vibrating toothbrush, you puncture the flesh of the deceased animal or vegetable corpse, causing the pressure sensor to briefly (1.5-2 seconds) activate the servo which pulses the head of the fork lodged in the ruffage, exciting the molecules.

Elsewhere, your fingers are pressed on the handle of the fork in a comfortable ergonomic position to your gaping maw which puts the ionic action into, um...action. The already prancing about molecules are then further enticed as the soon to be poo reaches your taste buds in a now even higher explosion of taste.

But wait, there is more. When the Sionic fork is set on the table, it's rested on the Sionic 'heating plate' (rechargeable in stack) that gradually warms the head of the two pronged fork, giving each bite an internal temperature of yum.

Project 47 Subway Flyers (Coming Soon)
Who's to blame? Why, you are!

As our society descends into chaos from a lack of sustainable chaos challenging our innate masculinity, the delicate constitutions of others has established allowances for absolute imbecility. From etiquette to culture to character, what was once intolerable is now barriered by margins of inappropriateness to discuss.

Project 47 would like to offer our most sincere screw that by posting these (and more) flyers initially throughout the New York Metropolitan Subway system in the coming weeks. Stay abreast of our Twitter feed for live updates and photographs as they occur. #changetheworld

[Update] Two more flyers have been added, bring the total to six.

Pet Door Brush (Updated)

[Update] Yowza! When engineering a new project, we are often quite liberal about researching existing materials before moving forward and (ungracefully) while we disagree with their particular methodology, we will surrender that this (currently unavailable) one slipped through the cracks. []

[Update Part Deux] Ours is better. If anyone wants it, we demand 23.75 per cent and our services labelled, Analogue Anatomical Contortion Deviation Toilance. It's rubber, genius.
In The Meantime, Sandwich Recipe #4
As we fester here in this pre-#Project47 lunch break limbo, why not have a Tv's #4 sandwich on me; layered as described.

Sheepherder's Bread Slice
French's Yellow Mustard
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Garlic Salt
Black Pepper
Turkey Ham Slices
Minced Garlic
Olive Oil
Sliced Cherry Tomatoes
Diced White Onion
Romaine Lettuce (Marinate in Orange Juice)
Shredded Parmesan Cheese
1000 Islands Dressing
Sheepherder's Bread Slice
Shower Valve (1)
The notion behind this shower valve concept are based on aesthetics for the male velocity enraged enthusiast and space efficiency. Nearly all have at least once, more commonly frequently, elbowed the jutting shower handle which either annoyed you, drastically altered the temperature or broke. Pay no mind to the detail, it's conceptual. [Engineering > Shower Valve (1)]