Botany Bay Mongolian BBQ Concept
No more a suitable and fitting cuisine can be devised than to furnish you the resources to delve and meander amongst your buds of taste. Then to elaborately sophisticate your surroundings and what will have been devised is the most elegant and revered Mongolian BBQ restaurant, ever. The Botany Bay Mongolian BBQ is conceived to overwhelm the experience of this particular genre of food deliverance with atmosphere and ample selection.

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Those Guys - BPW, MPW and WWE(F)
Battleground Pro Wrestling
Tomorrow night, Those Guys return to the squared circle that remains a square despite being labelled both which seems like an effort to meta something that is already particularly commandeer BPW and they have their eyes set on reigning in The Bro's Darevkos and Commissioner and parking-lot-speed-bump Dan Eileen Ramirez. Free punch and cake. []

Millennium Pro Wrestling
Fourteen days later, Those Guys join The Spectre and Hellkid (Team Hellkid) to take on Crayz, Frankie D, Hed Zeppelin, and Fern Owens (Team Vandal) in the Zoogz Rift Eight-Man-Tag-Elimination Hyphen Tournament. Last man standing earns a title shot at the MPW Championship. We have been assured that Furious George will with certainty be generous enough to step aside when Tv's moment has arose. This just in, the previous statement was neither true nor remotely accurate. []

[Update] As we recovered from a neurotic breakdown involving cat calls to imaginary transgendered entertaining with spoken word, we caught the slight as well, so unbunch the ties of pants. As soon as it is reported by MPW executives, you'll read it here secondly first.

[Update] The executives have spoken, so be-ith. Apparently, following the defeat of one team or the other, the remaining contestants (at this point) will turn upon one another until a remaining victor is, um, victorious. We'll be releasing crib notes on this later in the week.

World Wrestling Entertainment Federation
It is my understanding that they are still airing television programs with an overvalued lead. Note to Sean Waltman (sigh), Those Guys are grossly more equipped to behest amusement from an audience and/or people...hypothetically speaking. []
BPW Pharaohs, Those Guys
BPW has released the card for Spring Breakdown and while brass took the hint from Those Guys, Commissioner Dan Ellen Ramirez took it upon himself to add his own slant...while a slant from him would be about as high wheel chair ramp, it's enough to skew the favor for The Brothers Drinkcupcos.

This morning over an exorbitantly low priced Del Taco venti, non-fat, no foam, no water, six pump, extra hot, Chai tea latte, fellow Those Guy Furious George and other fellow Those Guy Tv Miller discussed these turn of events and whilst considering rather ear gagging the Lana Del Taco SNL repeat instead, they agreed that BPW doesn't need a consultant, they need an enforcer. In a few days, spay or neuter yours pets because Those Guys are taking over.
Air Hockey Table
Are you seeking 360° of airsomeness™ hocktiferary™? Done-ish. Defend your goal from all sides with this addesign™ of that cushion of sexy air plowing through those minute holes on a standard USAA sanctioned table by such manufacturers as Valley-Dynamo and...well, there must be someone else. Either way, this will take the advanced player to therapy as his white oversized haunches fail to squeeze into the generous orifice and/or possibly to another level of vehement game play. Lazy Susan floor apparatus optional, but necessary.

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Those Guys vs. Fern Davis and Hed Zeppelin MPW 98/072 (7 April)

Special thanks to Brett Walters