NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said there is no reason for not having universal background checks for purchasing firearms. She does NOT support this identical ideology for immigration. #Huhberalism #NYC - 19:12:26 342 017 Miter
VibraFingerBall Thing?
Titles of projects have always perplexed us and following the FleshliPad "incident", it is especially difficult to comprise an applicable nonclementure, unless overstating the obvious. This is our third of apparently an eventual fourth sex toy, once again for the ladies, that we have blatantly titled, Finger Ball Vibrator. Venture a guess as to it's application? [Dimensions: 1.5" diameter / 0.7" aperture]

Engineering > Finger Ball Vibrator
13:50.7 69-12 OTC
Those Guys MPW 2nd Annual Zoogz Rift Memorial Elimination Match

Special thanks to Christopher Wiley and Brett Walters
13:13.42 67-12 OTC
Those Guys Sandbox
Following the Those Guys pharaohic announcement that rivals Mikey O'Shea and Extreme Loco would have to tag together against BPW Tag Team Champions, the Suburban Commandos, Extreme Loco responded from 1998 with a cathartic refusal. Those Guys reresponded when Furious took Tv to the park as reward for getting a good grade in arithmetic.

20:00 PST 147|072
Battleground Professional Wrestling
3252 Florista Street
Los Alamitos, California 90720

17:7.26 66-12 OTC
Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension Suggestions
This morning we passed 600 installees of our Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension ver. following our recent minor aesthetic modification, with anticipation of more to follow. We are however, in need of your intimations on what statistics to supplement this short form with.

The dogma of this extension is to make one more coherent of the actualities of the measures of life. A consequence of our recent renovation left a gaping hole where one or possibly two shrewd references may be placed. Should you as a scientist by trade or embodiment have a stellar (pun) notion as to a statistic you find often cited, gift us via our Request page. You will be handsomely credited for your contribution.

For those wishing to participate in our community of non-mythical wizardry, install our Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension today and follow a regiment of twice daily, on a full stomach.
11:27.20 63-12 OTC
Happy Everybody Draw Mohammed Day III