Worst thing about teppanyaki in NY are the NYers who can not shut the hell up and eat. NODA in White Plains earns a 4 of 5 -- every thing was well done -- my only fickle scorn is not halving the shrimp and a soggy salad lettuce. #Assessment - 21:16:41 337 017 Miter
Cubed Draft Disposed
We have initiated the "Cubed" Restaurant (demi)page with expired drafts the while more contemporary illustrations are made available soonly. #staytuned

Engineering > Restaurant - Cubed
21:50.53 121-12 OTC
In Dev - Acid Reflux Capacitor Edition
1. Tv Podcast Podcast (S1E01 "Mexico")
2. Orbital Clock Updates [Android App?]
3. "Cubed" Restaurant Concept
4. "Salt" Restaurant Concept
5. Hands Free Faucet Valve
6. Adult Female Dinosaur Costume
7. Those Guys Appearance(s)
8. "Fragments" Short Film
10:59.9 114-12 OTC
Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension Update(s)
829 862 906 945 1,026 1,064 users. Eight hundred and twenty-nine habitual, cracked out, information whores have installed our Google Chrome Orbital Clock extension. Good for you, you elucidated sluts. Now, down to business...

After several applications of complex algorithms, we are but days away from releasing a version that will include accurate location concentric moonrise and moonset times. [Update 12:26 185-072] Live!

Daylight Hours (New)
Potentially positioned somewhere near the solar information will be a total daylight hours relative to the present day. [Update 184-072] Live!

We are always entertaining requests for new statistics and/or graphical representations in order to enhance this extension. We have recently installed a trim new message forum that will allow you to suggest new apparati.

[Update 14:14 182-072] Internet protocol error from a late night upload has been remedied. Overnight viewers may have been deceived, with our apologies.

Loading... Google Chrome extensions only display after fully loading. Occasionally, third party data is delayed which consequently retards the extension. We are currently seeking a timeout remedy to resolve this.
16:35.26 102-12 OTC
Those Guys - Sex Change
Furious George has informed corporate Those Guys headquarters that due to complications following a surgical procedure of his vas deferens as mandated by corporate Those Guys policy that Tv Miller and Mor may have possibly made up late one night in a bar over salted on-the-rocks Margaritas, he will be unable to compete this Saturday at Millennium Pro Wrestling. Subsequently, Those Guys will not be in attendance in their entirety which is therefore ample reason to not attend and confine yourself to your bathroom until further notice.
09:19.19 101-12 OTC
Those Guys in Casual Dining

Millennium Pro Wrestling
Those Guys' Furious George vs. Architect of Anarchy's Frankie D
19:30 182/072 (30-June)
Simi Valley, California, America
17:24.47 96-12 OTC
Key Ring Concept
In Development - Nordic Ghosts or Pinch It Edition
1. Project 47 (≤30 days)
2. Tv Podcast Podcast S1E01 (≤29 days)
3. Those Guys > "Candy Can'ts" Film (≤7 days)
4. Those Guys > Untitled Film (≤17 days)
5. Door Mat Shoe Cleaner (Concept)
6. Fat & Lazy Bastard Workout (YouTube 3-Part Video Series)
7. Short Film > Fragments
8. Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension Update(s)
135 Delayed
09:4.2 91-12 OTC
Those Guys 0.66 @ MPW 30-June
Those Guys' Furious George and Mor are returning live and lower torso censored to Millennium Pro Wrestling on 30-June in Simi Valley where 0.66 of Those Guys seek to retaliate over a Dr. Ruthless attack by the Architects of Anarchy during the Zoogz Rift Memorial Match. MPW has suspended Crayz for the sugary assault which left Frankie D in the executioner's chair for the unbridled rage of the furious one.

19:00 PST 182/072
Those Guys' Furious George vs. Architect of Anarchy's Frankie D
Millennium Professional Wrestling
2850 Lemon Drive
Simi Valley, California 93063
[mpwwrestling.com] [Google Maps]
17:45.20 88-12 OTC
Bandolier Purse
Don't judge. I snuck the word bandolier in there, didn't I? Pft, what did you design today? Jump up my butt!

Anywho, the ladies seem in a trance over exotic bags despite their hilarious over-sized knobs and shapes. While ogling the feminine structure, the notion of a hugging, elegant purse would be a more ideal alternative to those clown satchels.

An engineering note, the rolled over seams are concealing a flexible metallic shaft which allows the consumer to contour the bandolier to their body shape for the most efficient hands free experience and appearance.

Engineering > Bandolier Purse
13:13.32 87-12 OTC
Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension
A gradual transition from sex to science has occurred as mor and mor traffic to tvmiller.com has migrated from the Fleshlight iPad (FleshliPad) concept to our Google Chrome Orbital Clock extension. As of publication, 678 installers have developed a sense of belonging by joining the people here on Earth who are displaced from the faux heavens. If you have yet to become one with us Homo s, do so now by visiting the Google Market or whatever it is called these days.

Meanwhile, since relevance can now be applied, here are some updates on our progressive, um, updatingseses.

Source issues are being resolved though suffering from delays.

Solar Alerts
There is no defined measure for an alert so we are having to develop one that collaborates between several sources and platforms which has proven difficult. We currently have no reliable timetable for a resolution.

The extension page is available to you on a mobile phone though caution you to distrust the local information (weather, sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset) as carrier ip's are often sited not by geography but by server.

Elsewhere, we are always open to suggestions from intellectual minds of additions or subtractions or coding efficiencies. Meander over to our Request page and depress the keys to conjugate a suggestion.
14:38.25 86-12 OTC