Worst thing about teppanyaki in NY are the NYers who can not shut the hell up and eat. NODA in White Plains earns a 4 of 5 -- every thing was well done -- my only fickle scorn is not halving the shrimp and a soggy salad lettuce. #Assessment - 21:16:41 337 017 Miter
Lever Faucet Concept
Seeing as we have long ago exhausted ourselves with merely conceptualization rather than erection (heh), the following are simply bullet points for this lever faucet concept.

Activate the faucet by lowering the hot and/or cold lever to your preference. Hygienically deactivate by using the back of your cleansed hand and raising the lever. The wide stream down-spout extends to an averaged middle of the sink, allowing the hands more freedom from contacting the sides of the bowl.

This is not yet real, Kohler.
Subsequently, to be continued.

Engineering > Lever Faucet
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[Dev] Katrina Adjectives Edition
1. Tv Podcast Podcast (1X01) "Inauguration"
2. Entertainment - "Fragments"
3. Orbital Clock Updates
4. Engineering - Toilet (2) Concept
5. United States of America Government 2.0 (Judicial System)
6. Untitled Film Festival
7. Engineering - Bathroom Faucet Concept
8. Engineering - "Her" Chair Concept
9. Entertainment - Those Guys
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FleshTravelLight Concept
And, yet a-friggin-gain! Abridged...the Fleshlight is just too damn big and often leaves travelers, who's wives and girlfriends would prefer their self-pleasurizations rather than extracurricular activities, unable to supplement their wardrobe. No longer, we say with an arm raised high!

Fleshlight could conceivably take any popular textured sleeve, unravel a length around a flexible tubing and sell the FleshTravelLight.

Simply release and remove the tension clip and re-ravel the spiral to lay flat for less obtrusive storage. Whilst sitting in your hotel room perusing an episode of Community and suddenly a bewitching Alison Brie enrandifies your mood, rewound the spiral, secure the tension clip and hand it over to Nature. Available in taupe?
19:3.49 157-12 OTC
Hands Free Faucet Addition Concept
Just wiped your soiled anus with a thin sheet of paper?
Sure, feel free to touch the faucet.
This is humanity's every day nescient dilemma.
Enough already.

Consider this easy to install and energy saving hands free faucet addition to augment your existing bathroom faucet (because she ruthlessly adores that hideous $170 Kohler fixture).

How easy to install? Situate the foot pad below the existing cabinet flush and secure with (4) screws. Feed the actuator cable through a pre-drilled 1/4" hole in the base of the cabinet into the foot pad. Feed the other end into the stepper valve and secure. Attach supply lines from existing stop valves to the stepper valve and to the faucet lines. Done.

Now simply adjust the faucet valves to your preferred temperature and even displace the handles to suit an angled visual preference. Depress the foot pad and enjoy non-battery limited and hygienic hands free bathing. (MSRP $50)

ref. Engineering > Hands Free Faucet Addition
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Those Guys on MPW Radio 20:00 PST 284/072 (10-Oct 2012)
Those Guys adopt a black market baby LIVE on the air--is what could potentially occur as Those Guys guys Tv Miller and Furious George are received as the special guests on MPW Radio (BlogTalkRadio) at 20:00 PST on 284th (10-October)...and did we mention live? Call in live! Yes, you could conceivably call in to discuss anything from margarita recipes, Civil War battles and/or Peter O'Toole dubbed in Man of La Mancha. Does this also mean Those Guys will soon return to the ring? Stay tuned!

Follow MPW Radio on Facebook and/or

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Hanging Air Conditioner Concept
Orbital Clock Migration
tvmiller.com/ocext/popup.php -> tvmiller.com/ocext/
tvmiller.com/ocext/popup.php will be removed on 250/072.
ref. tvmiller.com/static.php?page=ocext

[Update] popup.php has been redirected to ocext/index.php
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Plants can communicate.
My vegetarians and vegans acquaintances, you are savage murderers!
Find salvation in a nutrient rich hydroponic lifestyle with Hydropaganism.
Spare just one more innocent cabbage's life by purchasing several cases of nutrient specific water before Nature passes judgement.

$29.95/case (10) [Buy Now]
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[Dev] bin Deyho Edition
1. Tv Show Podcast (Mexico)
2. Hydropagan™
3. We Hardly Killed He, a bin Laden Exposé
4. Hers Rear View Bathroom Mirror (Concept)
5. Hands Free Faucet Valve (Concept)
6. Smelt It Physics
7. "Fragments" Short Film
8. Space Maker Armband (Concept)
9. Waterpark Polo (Concept)
10. Orbital Clock Updates
11. Hanging Recyclable Coolant System (Build)
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Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension Update - Colorly
An updated version ( of the Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension is now available, which features all-new icon (badge) color alerts.

Not yet an installee? Go James Holmes coo-coo-bananas with realtime tangible science and install the Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension this millisecond.

[Update] 218/072 - Discovered a cache of errors and have deactivated several of the color alerts while leaving numerous non-localized alerts in tact.
19:28.34 136-12 OTC