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Imagination is easy, application is hard. Such is the case when aspiring inventors the world over have neither the means, resources or wealth to explore an idea they have scribbled down on paper. We have ourselves in the past been limited to merely chaotically designing and occasionally pitching or building, due to financial strain. This is why (in the near future) we seek to develop a program for creative minds to see their concepts brought to life, free.

Thanks to the advancement of 3D printing technology (MakerBot) and CAD freeware (Trimble Sketchup), prototyping has never been more expedient.

It is our goal to house a brick and mortar studio married to an internet site called Conception where visitors from around the world will be able to submit their ideas and designs for selective (potentially by public polling) prototyping free where then an in-house specialist will determine and refine the sample.

If we (and again potentially the public) find that your concept has a contingency for more, we will immediately seek to advance our relationship with you and swiftly move forward, giving not only your idea life, but the potential for growth and marketability, i.e. pay day. Stay tuned for more on this in the coming year.
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[Question Part III] Galactic Apparition
Six years ago we asked for a perspective on photons traveling outward and what effect this would have on the depth of the universe or eventual perception of the source of light.

This topic does not consume us (preference towards propulsion engineering) however, recently a conversation led to the suggestion of a curvature of space that would refract (previously stated) or curve (new) back light. A given is that light can be lensed or bent by gravitational force. It beckons this conjecture to astro-theorists:

Assuming the universe does not expand relative to c, then outward bound photons emitted towards a more condensed universe, based on the curved boundary model, curve back and escape(?) the boundary, refract and arrive at Earth, giving a ghost or reverse image of a photon source and false distance to an existing measured source. Savvy?

Upon the edge, collision would almost certainly occur, causing a resemblance of background radiation, enabling further interference. A questionable 13.7 billion years of discharging photons, the universe should either be far brighter, limitless or there is a misunderstanding of the conservation of light energy.

But what do I know?! Reply via @TvMiller button below.