New York City Truth - Part IV - Disorder
"The propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregard the eternal rules of order and right..." General George Washington

Citizens were once conditioned in life to apply fundamental rules in order to achieve success in their travels. Driving on the right was as consequence of the mandate that all forms of traffic do so, foot or other wise. New York City's very infrastructure is built on this principle and often times expressed in vivid displays. New York City inhabitants however, conditioned to a confined environment or transplants from an archaic habitat, thus depleting their acuity of personal space, are a class of individuals that no longer seek out purpose en masse but rather, individually, counter to premise that which where 8 million individuals reside.

Even in the most lackadaisy state as demonstrated below, the New Yorker culture is one of inefficiency. A burden to their selves, they disregard with intent so that they may acquire not a state of accomplishment but of complacency, and at a cost to those who are cognitive of order.

The following is a segment of time on a comparatively over sized NYC side walk (5th Avenue and 39th Street) during a relatively eased moment of the morning (0730 to 0820). You will observe in the dreary Summer weather a sense of disorder. It will remain up to you to imagine a more common NYC side walk bearing only the width for 3 or less, seeing as we have no further interest to entertain the exterior of this nauseating heap for our few remaining days.

It should be noted that this will offer no surprise to those in the Southern states who are wary of the snowbirds as they descend in their automobiles with the same reckless spatially impaired abandonment.

Did You Know...that despite these four parts decrying the absolute truth of the decadence of New York City and how it is embraced by it's equally uncivilized occupants, NYC remains quite literally the least affordable, highest taxed and unAmerican city you will find exclaimed as an emblem of the United States of America and the World?

No more is New York City a deceiving mock of patriotism than harbouring a French statue greeting immigrants with the symbolism of American liberty. Our new American Republic, crafted with a singularity of intent, will most certainly rid our selves of such pseudonyms.
New York City Truth - Part III - Consent
"...better than sitting in L.A. traffic," is the customary perception of a New Yorker, both foreign and domestic. The inflicted New York alternative is a cacophony of human misery, which speaks to the true character of the ordinary New Yorker who perceptively tolerates this... addition to this...

...on a quince-plus-daily basis as a preferable alternative to a transit enveloped in your own personalized environment, the likes of which each New Yorker attempts to duplicate by reading, immersion in loud music and blankly staring at a stained and sticky floor.

Did You Know...the reason NYC is idealized as a city that never sleeps perhaps lays blame with such an abundance of auditory tumult that noise complaints are cataloged not by law enforcement but with an individual tax payer fed city department?

In Part IV, video game-esque disorder of foot traffic on a NYC side walk and exposing the truth of a New Yorker's utter disdain for civilization. A single block will scientifically define a culture.
The New York City Truth - Part II - Expend
Sustaining decay evidently comes at a cost. Despite being surrounded by filth, suffocated by density and immersed in irregularities, even the most mundane of impoverished costs of living are erratically higher the closer to the pith.

Below is a location and distance map of several McDonald's restaurants through out NYC as to represent a static business element. The items purchased at each location were (2) McDoubles with no cheese (a "Dollar Menu" item) and (1) small french fry.

Did You Know...the Metropolitan Transit Authority MTA (Subway)
...ranks 7th or less in the world (Virgin Vacations, CNN) infested with rodents (Wikipedia)
...can lead to hearing loss (Wikipedia)
...can lead to breathing disorders (The Atlantic) destructively over crowded (Gothamist)
...rivals third world countries in price hikes (NY Times)
...has New Yorkers on it (Huffington Post)

In Part III we will take you on a video tour of the MTA subway during the tri-daily event known as rush hour, the New York native supposed superior alternative to Los Angeles freeway traffic.
The New York City Truth - Part I - Blight
New York City is a rotting corpse.

Despite the mythic interpretation of this many metaphored domicile, New York City is in reality a fetid vessel of decay with a dash of perpetuation for inefficiency and dysphoria.

In this several part series, we will take you on an in depth tour to uncover an often veiled truth behind New York City.

Part I challenges the vision of this place as a mecca of strength, beauty and grandeur by demonstrating that it is in fact being held together by sticks and timber and would fall in upon it's self with any gap in time.

The map below is a continuously updated (for 7 days) atlas (commenced on 172/073 by TV Miller) of individually marked streets that contain an edifice eclipsed by an unsightly and typically several months permanent scaffold, more often than not used for restoration.

Did You Know...that if Consolidated Edison did not consistently depressurize steam from below the streets of Manhattan, there would the potential for a cataclysmic detonation?

Part II will demonstrate the irregularities of cost by locale the while the scaffolding map of Part I carries onward.

[Update] Tolerance exhausted and point proven. Part I suspended.
Why Not? No Turn Key Lock
Is your key ring littered with junk...I'm sorry, personal trinkets? When you consider the common key ring is a bundle of keys, cards and novelties, one might wonder why we are modernly burdened with turning this misshapen cacophony. Here's a thought...inverse the properties of the average door knob.

Inserting your key aligns the tumbler pins (inverted from standard) allowing the facing 1/4 apex surface of the knob to turn freely, unlocking the door. The rear 3/4 of the knob operates as usual, releasing the plunger from the door frame.

In a post TV/3D printer world (250+/- days?) this will be prototyped and pitched to door fixture manufacturers. #StayTuned

Engineering > No Turn Key Lock