@VijeMiller · 2h
Numerous images embedded locally are linked to thedonald.win which has been quarantined by CloudFlare. Shd you want to see the images, you must visit the site. May now alternatively link to a third party image host.

@VijeMiller · 2h
A post-riot #CoVID19 hysteria is currently being plotted in Albany. Must promptly swerve the narrative away from the memories of looting and back to the fear of existence. It was always about control.

@VijeMiller · 2h
Presumably they have convinced Trump to not tweet so as to reduce hostility.. which is an oxymoron considering the hostility in contrast on both sides seeking either guidance or scapegoat. His advisors chose poorly as his followers are radicals too.

@VijeMiller · 3h
In a parallel way --> still taking credit for predicting that those who would not receive #WuhanFraud government relief would be looting with indemnity. Did not anticipate Soros funded anarchy being the catalyst for the looting.

@VijeMiller · 4h
Cumhole was an endless echo chamber of "stay home" and "wear a mask" --> now its been a day or two since either oppressive device has been implied. Gives him a chance to generate some new material to threaten civility with. #WuhanFraud

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