TV Miller's Red Vines Rumrita
1.5 oz Red Vines Infused Cruzan Light Rum
1.0 oz Cointreau
0.5 oz Agave
0.5 oz Simple Syrup
2.0 oz Lime Juice
Splash Lemon Juice
TV Miller's Bartender's Guide
Orbital Clock OTC Standardization and Updates
The Orbital Clock page has been updated for the first time in two years, explicitly for mobile media. Count down(s) and infographics have been updated and will continue to be refreshed every 180 days. Bug(s) are being identified and casually resolved.

In corroboration with the above update, currently in development is an Android home screen widget displaying the day of the year and Orbital Time year with hot link to the Orbital Clock page.

As identified for the several years since our inception of the Orbital Time (Clock), it has been our standardized conveyance of time on Earth. To better delineate this observance going forward, we will attempt to ensure that all Orbital Time references are labelled OTC.
Resistance Theory (2D Rendering) Matter's Neutral Wave State
Neutral resting state for decaying or turbulent matter waves.

Experiment #ERT01 Pending
TV Show S01E01

Waking in this empty, broken vessel.
A torn sinew in the fabric of life.
Environment dictating it's heaving abatement.
As the fissure devours to sustain,
a host knowing beneath the flesh,
to tear away.
To sew.

Written and Directed by TV Miller
Musical Score by Keith Anthony Holden "Grey Sky"
A/V Recorded on ZTE N800 5MP
Resistance Theory (2D Rendering) Darkness
The darkness of space is proportional to the observer's position relative to radiating wave interference, hypothetically to be identified by temperature variances.

Experiment #ERT02 Pending