Kama Sutra (ish) - Mongolian BBQ Position
Any Way Door (1/12 Scale)
Imagine a door with out boundaries. Subtly architectural fluff, this scaled down due to poverty Any Way Door allows the opener the discretion of direction. This featured premise model utilized a series of 22 gauge wound electromagnets sequenced through a Seeed Studio Relay Shield atop an Arduino Uno triggered by capacitive sensors allowing for locking and unlocking.

HackADay - Making A Door That Opens Both Ways
HackADay.io - Any Way Door
Arduino - Capacitive Sensor Library
TVShow S01E04 Bounty
Where We Went Wrong (Part 1)
There are several examples in literature (samples of social infrastructure) over the last 300+ years showing the precise moment when modern society diverged from an aggressively independent and subsequently substantive culture to a meek and timid lot.

Vigilance and vigilant denote conflict, verbs by which the individual hears and sees as motivation to response. Vigilante in use negatively defines a third party as conflict driven. Society devolved from being keenly aware and environmentally orientated to emotionally disputing those who are.
RGBW Controller Codes (Arduino)
16.4ft RGB W White 5050 300 Waterproof LED Strip Light and Remote Controller and Power (eBay 19.95$) by Led4EveryThing

RGB White NEC 0xFF22DD
Red NEC 0xFF1AE5
Blue NEC 0xFFA25D
Green NEC 0xFF9A65
Black NEC 0xFFB24D
White ON NEC 0xFFE817
White OFF NEC 0xFF6897
White 50% NEC 0xFF8877
White 100% NEC 0xFFC837