Worst thing about teppanyaki in NY are the NYers who can not shut the hell up and eat. NODA in White Plains earns a 4 of 5 -- every thing was well done -- my only fickle scorn is not halving the shrimp and a soggy salad lettuce. #Assessment - 21:16:41 337 017 Miter
Magnetic Experiment 001
Imgur Mouse
Coke Shot
Addictions are absolute. How perverse they are can depend on your character. Alcohol, heroin, feet. We here at TVMiller prefer the unhealthy consumption of Coca~Cola. When delving deeper in to methodology, we all quickly learn two superior qualities; the aluminum can and the short brief intensity (the ahh) of an initial taste. We attempted to confine those elements in to a machine that sources three methods of activation; a button, a remote control and Jacob, our developing artificial intelligence.

// CokeShot
// TVMiller

#include <IRremote.h>

int RECV_PIN = 11;
IRrecv irrecv(RECV_PIN);
decode_results results;

int red = 8;
int green = 9;
int pour = 10;

int timepour = 10000;
int timeend = 3000;

void setup() {


pinMode(red, OUTPUT);
pinMode(green, OUTPUT);
pinMode(pour, OUTPUT);



void loop() {

digitalWrite(red, LOW);
digitalWrite(green, LOW);
digitalWrite(pour, LOW);

// Jacob
if (Serial.available()) {
char ser = Serial.read();
switch (ser) {
case 'C':
// Remote (Any)
else if (irrecv.decode(&results)) {


void coke() {
digitalWrite(pour, HIGH);
digitalWrite(green, HIGH);
digitalWrite(pour, LOW);
digitalWrite(green, LOW);
digitalWrite(red, HIGH);

HackADay.io - Coke Shot
Github - Arduino IRRemote Library
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TVShow S01E05 eRamen
Resistance Theory - Wave Cube

Miscellaneous > Resistance Theory
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Kama Sutra (ish) - Mongolian BBQ Position
Any Way Door (1/12 Scale)
Imagine a door with out boundaries. Subtly architectural fluff, this scaled down due to poverty Any Way Door allows the opener the discretion of direction. This featured premise model utilized a series of 22 gauge wound electromagnets sequenced through a Seeed Studio Relay Shield atop an Arduino Uno triggered by capacitive sensors allowing for locking and unlocking.

HackADay - Making A Door That Opens Both Ways
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TVShow S01E04 Bounty
Where We Went Wrong (Part 1)
There are several examples in literature (samples of social infrastructure) over the last 300+ years showing the precise moment when modern society diverged from an aggressively independent and subsequently substantive culture to a meek and timid lot.

Vigilance and vigilant denote conflict, verbs by which the individual hears and sees as motivation to response. Vigilante in use negatively defines a third party as conflict driven. Society devolved from being keenly aware and environmentally orientated to emotionally disputing those who are.
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RGBW Controller Codes (Arduino)
16.4ft RGB W White 5050 300 Waterproof LED Strip Light and Remote Controller and Power (eBay 19.95$) by Led4EveryThing

RGB White NEC 0xFF22DD
Red NEC 0xFF1AE5
Blue NEC 0xFFA25D
Green NEC 0xFF9A65
Black NEC 0xFFB24D
White ON NEC 0xFFE817
White OFF NEC 0xFF6897
White 50% NEC 0xFF8877
White 100% NEC 0xFFC837
04:3.26 132-15 OTC