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A third day bowel movement is both a relief and a concern. #Pooadox
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Resistance Theory (2D Rendering) Distance
Field state regulates in a static three dimensional position of a distance of one oscillation. Irregularity of collusion point from any direction alters position of opposition, intensity and subsequently state.

Mobile Coeur d'Alene Floating 14th Hole (The End)
Gauhd National Lottery
1 unit of currency per play
Multiple plays allowed with out limit
10 day interval of selection
37 selections per year
1 year end selection of a 15 day interval
Number of winners selected from plays purchased defined by division
of total plays to equate to 1 million units per selected play
Guaranteed winners are selected from plays purchased
Unclaimed selected play(s) winnings are rolled over in to following selection
1 million units is the actual amount distributed
Variance from 1 million units per play is applied to lottery operational costs
National Lottery winnings will be identified but may not be declared in Entity Tax filings

12,400,000 plays
12 selections
12,000,000 units for 1,000,000 per selection
400,000 lottery operation deduction

34,700,000 plays
34 selections
34,000,000 units for 1,000,000 per selection
700,000 lottery operation deduction

Empire of Gauhd
TVShow S01E17 Star Wars The Force Awakens Alternate Ending Bootleg Special Extended Edition

Discovered in the Himalayas was a poorly transcribed VHS (LP) bootleg of an abandoned alternate ending to the block-buster Stare Wars The Force Awakens

Written, Directed and Forced by TVMiller (and JJ Abrams)
Filmed through Inebriated Midichlorians and a Droid Razr

Star Wars The Force Awakens is a product of Walt Disney Studios, but no apology is coming
Arduino Wave Generator Tank (Speed Adjustable Only)

// Arduino Wave Tank II
// TVMiller

#include <Servo.h>

Servo left;
Servo right;

int pos = 20;
int back = 20;
int forward = 160;
int spe = 15;

int red = 6;
int green = 5;
int blue = 4;

void setup() {



pinMode(red, OUTPUT);
pinMode(green, OUTPUT);
pinMode(blue, OUTPUT);


digitalWrite(green, HIGH);
digitalWrite(green, LOW);
digitalWrite(red, HIGH);
digitalWrite(red, LOW);


void loop() {

int pent = analogRead(A0);
spe = map(pent, 0, 1023, 15, 1);

if (spe >= 10) {
digitalWrite(green, HIGH);
digitalWrite(blue, LOW);
digitalWrite(red, LOW);
else if (spe < 10 && spe >= 5) {
digitalWrite(green, LOW);
digitalWrite(blue, HIGH);
digitalWrite(red, LOW);
else if (spe < 5 && spe >= 1) {
digitalWrite(green, LOW);
digitalWrite(blue, LOW);
digitalWrite(red, HIGH);

for (pos = back; pos <= forward; pos += 1) {
for (pos = forward; pos >= back; pos -= 1) {

TVMiller - TVShow S01E16 Arduino Wave Generator Tank