TVShow S01E19 Gate Jedi

Having discovered several spare Midichlorians in my liquor cabinet, I trained and applied them to opening a large cumbersome gate. The FORCE motion travels through my inner what-nots and is translated by the Pebble Classic accelerometer toggling a command sent to the (Particle) Cloud (City) which returns to the Particle Photon triggering a TIP120 to fire a button on an existing RF transceiver.

May the ridiculous hand gestures be with you, always.

Written, Directed and Hate Flowed Through by TVMiller
Filmed through 12 parsecs and not the Droid Razr you were looking for

Particle Photon Code
// Gate Jedi @TVMiller

int sig = D7;
int command = 0;

void setup() {
pinMode(sig, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(sig, LOW);

void loop() {

int gateJedi(String command) {
if (command=="open") {
command = 0;
else {

Pebble.js Gate Jedi APP
// Gate Jedi Peddle APP (Version 1.3) @TVMiller 
// Pebble Blink APP @Jack-Dangerfield

var Accel = require('ui/accel');
var UI = require('ui');
var ajax = require('ajax');
var Vector2 = require('vector2');

// Create Window
var main_window = new UI.Window();

// Open Button and Display
var txtOnLabel = new UI.Text({
position: new Vector2(0, 50),
size: new Vector2(144, 30),
font: 'Gothic 28 Bold',
text: 'GATE JEDI',
textAlign: 'center',
color: 'white'

// Display Main Window

// URL To Particle Cloud
function Toggle(function_name,function_value){
var URL = '
ID/' + function_name +'?access_token=TOKEN';

url: URL,
method: 'post',
type: 'json',
data: { "args": function_value}

// Accelerometer Poll and Function (Default 100Hz 25)
Accel.on('data', function(e) {
if (e.accel.x > 900) {
if (e.accel.y > 900) {

// Button Function and Photon Parameters
main_window.on('click', 'up', function() {

HackADay - Open Sesame, from a Galaxy Far, Far Away - Gate Jedi - Gate Jedi
Airtronics Servo 94322 Continuous Rotation Hack

This is my servo.
There are many like it,
but this one is mine.

There are numerous tutorials online for numerous models of servos and now there
is one for the Airtronics 94322 which did not previously exist. - Airtronics Servo 94322 Continuous Rotation Hack
TVShow S01E18 The Butterfly Effect

Written, Directed and Brewed by TVMiller
Filmed through a Stained Art House Coffee Pot and Droid Razr

Several butterflies were harmed in the making of my editing migraine.
Matte editors, we salute you.

Wikipedia - The Butterfly Effect
Resistance Theory (2D Rendering) Distance
Field state regulates in a static three dimensional position of a distance of one oscillation. Irregularity of collusion point from any direction alters position of opposition, intensity and subsequently state.

Mobile Coeur d'Alene Floating 14th Hole (The End)