@VijeMiller · 1m
MSM: "First manned expedition in 14 years to Titanic reveals 'shocking' deterioration."

It was "shocking"? It was shocking that a rusting collapsed hulk of metal being compressed by 2 miles of ocean was deteriorating? Go home ABC, you're drunk.

@VijeMiller · 8h
Video production was accomplished -> audio was not. What was anticipated to be a quiet morning turned stereotypical (for me) rambunctious. Audio for (2) new episodes will carry over to tomorrow -> while new useless machine goes in to print tonight.

@VijeMiller · 8h
Friendly reminder that Google, Facebook etc's "AI" is still not A.I. A.I.. It's algorithm cmd automation - a voice light switch that predicts about as well as early 2000's(g) Alta Vista. MSM calling it AI is how we got Einstein as prevalent.

@VijeMiller · 9h
"A rape victim will become an unwilling sperm recipient." - George Carlin -> worst part is, that the joke is some 30 years old.

@VijeMiller · 22h
(2) new #TVShow bit episodes go under the knife tomorrow morning -> followed by another useless machine episode for the #MacroFab contest -> followed by (2) bit episodes. #StayTuned

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