Iceland has already accomplished as much as I could have wanted in the #WorldCup ... by embarrassing Tiger Woods commentators ... shit ... I meant Lionel Messi commentators.
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TVShow S02E02X45 Arduino MetroPhones
The metropolitan in it's natural habitat; unaware, oblivious, purposefully deafened and subsequent prey. To increase perception thus safety, we wed an Arduino Nano and ultrasonic sensor to regulate volume to proximity to some one (thing) behind you; easily deactivated per environment (in-line slide switch) and rechargeable (3XCR2032). Beyond this proof of concept, intention for apparel or accessory (i.e. purse strap, back pack) embedding is ideal.

(Disclaimer) TVMiller is NOT a metro-any-damn-thing!

This prototype of a prototype is a mono-version. A stereo version would merely require dual channels (pots). Aptly, imagine if you will, you plug your head phones in to your purse strap which is embedded with a Metrophone with bluetooth that streams to your smart phone...or or or you could PAY ATTENTION! Sorry not sorry.

Arduino Sketch McSketcherson
// MetroPhones
// TVMiller

#include <SPI.h>

// Chip Select Pin
int csp = 10;

// Sensor Values
long dur, dis;
// Echo Pin
int echo = 4;
// Trigger Pin
int trig = 5;

// Position
int pos = 0;

// Centimeters
// Minimum Distance
int mindis = 0;
// Maximum Distance
int maxdis = 90; // 2.6FT

void setup() {

// Pot Com
pinMode(csp, OUTPUT);
// Set Chip Select LOW
digitalWrite(csp, LOW);

// Testing
Serial.begin (9600);

// Sensor Pins
pinMode(trig, OUTPUT);
pinMode(echo, INPUT);


void loop() {

// Poll Sensor
digitalWrite(trig, HIGH);
digitalWrite(trig, LOW);
dur = pulseIn(echo, HIGH);
// Convert to Centimeters
dis = dur / 58.2;

if (dis < maxdis) {
// Convert Distance to Pot (256 Steps)
pos = map(dis, mindis, maxdis, 0, 255);
// Alert Chip
// Adjust Volume
} else if (dis > maxdis) {
pos = 255;

// Testing
Serial.print(" ");


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TVShow S02E01X44 Everybody Draw Mohammed Day VI

Religion is Pantomime; Wise Up
Written, Directed and Warholed by TVMiller

TVShow S02E00X43 Exposed (Series 2 Promo)

Written, Directed and Nancy Graced by TVMiller
Urineless Splash Back Toilet Design

Our never ending venture to improve our human experience on Earth often revisits the loo, where a tranquil setting is commonly torpedoed by flecks of contaminated fluid showered up on our under carriage. In our attempt to ease this madness, we have idealized a toilet that segregates the two exhumations, apportioning unsullied splashed back water for the inevitable. Rest assured, our processes will remain stead fast towards the advent of absolutes, eventually freeing all man from an unwilling solution bathing. Female species excluded from design analysis; sorry, not sorry.
TVShow Season 01
Catch up on every crude, innovative, juxtapositioned, cathartic, noxious and ordained
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Resistance Theory (Faux Rendering) Dimensional Wave Migration

Having analyzed simplified wave form migration structures in a three dimensional boundary such as flagellum and deoxyribonucleic acid, we found potential application of vortices to explain wave duality and/or redundant kinetic oscillation in a membrane.
Evaluating Elevation | Hover

Efficient hovering at shallow elevations should be accomplished by intermittent oscillations and not static resistance; a gradual ascent and consequential decent building kinetic discharge.
TVShow S01E26X42 Fare Well Laboratory E

Written, Directed and Evicted by TVMiller
Filmed through CCTV and Droid Razr
TVShow S01E25X41 Garbage Gauge
The average American family of four creates 124 pounds of garbage each week. We are dismissive if we are better or worse. Here we have combined a Particle Photon, scale and scraps to wirelessly log our weekly and life long waste out put with coding to acclimate to blah blah blah...the following is a fart joke.

Written, Directed and Possessed by TVMiller
Filmed through Pea Soup and a Droid Razr

Particle Photon Code? Sketch? Letters and Numbers
// Garbage Gauge
// @TVMiller

#ifdef SPARK
#include "ThingSpeak/ThingSpeak.h"
#include "ThingSpeak.h"

#ifdef SPARK
TCPClient client;
#define VOLTAGE_MAX 3.3
#define VOLTAGE_MAXCOUNTS 4095.0

// ThingSpeak
unsigned long myChannelNumber = CHANNEL;
const char * myWriteAPIKey = "APIKEY";

// Input
int scale = A5;

// Variables
int current = 0;
int tare = 0;
int preweight = 0;
int adjust = 0;

int week = 0;
int total = 0;

int wait = 10800; // 3 Hours

void setup() {


// Calm Down Power-Up Fluctuation

// Empty Garbage Bin Weight
tare = analogRead(scale);



void loop() {

// Read Pot
current = analogRead(scale);
// Convert to Pounds
// Pot Turn Limitation 254 Pounds
// Particle Photon is 0 to 4095
preweight = map(current, 0, 4095, 0, 254);
// Subtract Tare
adjust = preweight - tare;

if (adjust < week && preweight < tare) {
// No Barrel? Ignore
else if (adjust < week && preweight > tare) {
// Barrel Emptied? Reset Week
week = adjust;
else if (adjust == week) {
// No Change? Ignore
else if (adjust > week) {
// Remove Previous Week Addition
total = total - week;
// Adjust Week
week = adjust;
// Add to Total
total = total + week;

// Total Amount
ThingSpeak.writeField(myChannelNumber, 1, total, myWriteAPIKey);
// Amount Since Emptying
ThingSpeak.writeField(myChannelNumber, 2, week, myWriteAPIKey);

// Low Power During Delay
// Allow WIFI Recovery

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TVShow S01E24X40 Squirt

Written, Directed and Disposed of by TVMiller
Filmed through Battery Acid Flavor and Droid Razr