A/C Vent Hack for Cities That Shd Fall
Providing that this site caters to the hacking of items so as to improve upon -- and being that I currently temporarily reside in a place clustered with archaic dwellings, I thought it generous in passing to relate a means to resolve for an engineering issue many likely suffer from when living in elder metropolises.

Numerous residents are required to dangle a/c units from their windows this time of year and often times the misalignment of windows, bcz the buildings were designed and constructed by cretins, results in inefficient distribution of air.

Here, as follows, is a method to improve upon the efficiency of your air conditioning by employing nothing more than scrap cardboard, a ruler, pencil and tape.

Realize that shd some one come across this, recognize the opportunity and subsequently are able to increase the efficiency of their a/c unit, resource use may be ever so slightly reduced and the planet, saved...ish.

TVShow 3X15 Flashing Light Prize (4) Arduino Horror
Bwahahahaha and ha.
[Sinistering Intensifies]

1. Arduino Uno
2. HiLetgo Pulse Sensor Module
3. 5V Relay
4. Heart (4$/eBay)
5. Blair Witch Project
6. 10K Pot
7. 1K Resistor
8. NPN Transistor

1. Opted to disregard specialized code/software for the reasons of code-illiteracy -- the contradiction being that the native code for the pulse sensor blinks an LED. Meh.

2. Bcz the sensor is placed on a finger with very little to ensure consistent application, the analog values varied giving irregular peak values. To adjust per each application, we (me) added a pot to adjust the peak triggering value (high).

3. The Blair Witch Project is best served when watched alone. To accompany another is to give an identifiable secured surrounding relieving the immersive stresses permitted by the film's atmosphere. It is a superb horror film you nay saying butt holes!

Cardio Pulmonary Resketchiation
// Flashing Light Prize (4) Arduino Horror
// VijeMiller

int led = 13;
int relay = 2;
int pulse = A0;

int val;
int tot;
int nxt;
int high;

int potpin = A5;
int potval;

void setup() {

pinMode(relay, OUTPUT);
pinMode(led, OUTPUT);

// Get Comfortable
for (int i = 0; i <= 5; i++) {
digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
digitalWrite(led, LOW);


void loop() {

// Reset Value
tot = 0;

// Smoothing
for (int i = 0; i <= 25; i++) {
val = analogRead(pulse);
tot = val + tot;
nxt = tot / 25;

// To Solve Pulse Reading Inconsistency
// Adjust the Relay Trigger Peak Value
potval = analogRead(potpin);
high = map(potval, 0, 1023, 520, 570);

if (nxt > high) {
digitalWrite(relay, HIGH);
digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
} else {
digitalWrite(relay, LOW);
digitalWrite(led, LOW);


Arduino Vije Rev. 1.0
TVShow 3X14 Flashing Light Prize (3) Arduino Scat
Sparkfun sound detector triggered by the relay triggers the relay, rinse, repeat.
Skiddily bee bop ba doo bop skiddily dee bip boop bop, yeah.

1. Arduino Uno
2. Sparkfun Sound Detector
3. 5V Relay
4. NPN Transistor
5. 1K Res
6. (2) Candle Incandescent Bulbs
7. Cuhlness

1. Special guest mouth hornist, Vije Miller -- the horniest.
2. Zappa dee doo blip blop biddily doo wap be zah.

Sketchity Zoopity Zow
// Flashing Light Prize (3) Arduino Scat
// VijeMiller

// Sound Detector Pins
#define PIN_GATE_IN 2
#define IRQ_GATE_IN 0
#define PIN_LED_OUT 13
#define PIN_ANALOG_IN A0

// Relay Pin
int relay = 7;

// Sound Value
int val;

// SparkFun Sound Detector Interrupt
void soundISR()
int pin_val;
pin_val = digitalRead(PIN_GATE_IN);
digitalWrite(PIN_LED_OUT, pin_val);

void setup()
// Testing
// Sound Detector Pin Assignment
// Relay Pin Assignment
pinMode(relay, OUTPUT);
// Sound Decector Interrupt
attachInterrupt(IRQ_GATE_IN, soundISR, CHANGE);

void loop()

// Read Sound
val = analogRead(PIN_ANALOG_IN);
// Testing
// If Sound Exceeds X
if (val > 55) {
digitalWrite(relay, HIGH);
digitalWrite(relay, LOW);
} else {
digitalWrite(relay, LOW);


TVShow 3X13 Flashing Light Prize (2) Rubber Ducky
Never...never going to give you up.
This attempt, how ever, shd have been.

Original project had intention of dispensing compressed air in bursts to disrupt the flow...I uh, do/did not have access to such spare equipment. I welcome another with shop to give it a shot.

Special guest hallucinated appearance by @RealSexyCyborg. If (pause) only.

One animal (human) was harmed in the making of this film.

1. Arduino Uno
2. Rubber Ducky
3. Servo
4. Vinyl Tubing
5. Water Fountain Pump
6. Exposed 120 Volts
7. 40W 120V Light Bulb
8. Salted Water
9. String

1. Meh.

2. Minor adjustment to the servo delay would have drastically improved the flash rate -- how ever, timing (space use) and operational alterations tested one's patience beyond the threshold of interest (see Notation 3).

3. Moving on...