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Miter - Simple PHP Personal Micro-Blog
As the environment with in Twitter began to corrode, alternatives were sought. Unfortunately, thx to the environment that is the modern internet culture, divisiveness reaching often extreme nonintellectual proportions perverted the resource of the micro-blog and hosted merged communities. This led to a reinvention notion we [me] has called Miter.

Consider -- each Miter 'account' is individually hosted on a user's personal third party server - either purchased or perhaps free. They become the sole moderator of their dialog and responsible for their access to their Miter user and archive utility. Centralizing this flow of miters is done by way of a Miter app that permits the app user to subscribe to Miter users (XML/RSS) where ever they may discover them. The Miter app never hosts the data nor is accountable for such - it simply permits aggregation of the feeds. Again, the Miter user is the sole proprietor of their account - allowing Miter creators (me) to neither be held accountable for the dialog and moderation.

At this time, this particular post will represent where Miter is upon this current date (320.017) and will aide in enlightening how this application is currently proceeding and where it's development may lead. It is our intention that Miter as an open source project employ simple PHP markup and structuring while avoiding Mysql so as to aide the most novice of users in implementation and preservation of their Miter account.

1. Upload miter/ to your server.
2. Directory Protect (Password) the miter/user folder.

Upon accessing hostname.com/miter/user via username and password, you will obtain your input text box. Here you may also upload an image that will be inserted in to the form to be displayed (read) and linked (archive). Your most recent miter is also displayed so as to reassure the user.

Each miter is restricted to 250 characters and recommended to be preserved to such a limitation so as to improve the likelihood of your miter being read and not appearing as a burden to reader's feeds.

Images are hosted on the user's server therefore excessive size may negatively impact user's bandwidth limitations. It is suggested that users use restraint.

Several features are in development including access to deleting previous miters from the archive and XML inclusions so as to ease data organization and sharing. User identification is likely to source the host identification, tho there is contemplation for alternative solutions to segregated username preference.

User images upload via the secure user interface are stored in this folder and accessible via filename.extension in the miter text box.

An archive of existing miters is stored in a miter_full.txt file and sorted from newest to eldest. Tho at this time miters are stored in a text file, there is soonest migration to XML file or a mirroring for archiving (back up). Due to the inevitable size of data being stored over an extended period of time - and with desire to avoid complex databases - new archives may be created semi-annually so as to reduce file re-write size and server strain.

Shd you have a website, you may easily embed a feed of your latest miter using the provided PHP script in the read_miter.php file.

Miter is an open source project and is currently hosted on http://github.com/VijeMiller/Miter where you may follow along with the latest updates and contribute to the project your self.
Shelved - Gravity Room Agitator
The premise revolved around the common (annoying) state at which people in metropolitans (NYC in particular) live -‚Äč locked away. With windows perpetually shut and barred and presumably the belief that air is replenished by opening the front door briefly when you come and go - this novelty project was to be a decorative dual blade room air agitator that was partially assisted by elevating a weight by way of cranking the blades with an electric motor - which then returning downward - counter spun the blades. Due to my time ending here and finding my self no longer interested and/or motivated - to hell with it [spits]

1. DC Motor
2. (2) Lever Switch
3. 555 IC
4. Cardboard
5. String

TVShow 3X37 Coin Cell Challenge (1) Shower Battery Charger
The entirety of projects in the Hackaday.com Coin Cell Challenge are removing energy from coin cell batteries with out giving back. Thievery! Being the kind, fair and generous human being that I am not - and instead out of spite - this project makes use of the abundance of unused kinetic energy in the bath room to recharge your coin cell battery.

1. LR2032 Rechargeable Coin Cell Battery
2. PVC Threaded Nipple
3. PVC Threaded Couple
4. Acrylic (Picture Frame)
5. (2) DC Motors
6. (2) Diodes

1. 3D printing, efficient motors and just about every thing else - and perhaps this would be a more practical concept -- then expand that to the theory of every plumbing joint housing a generator.
2. One point not quite enough volts - motors were to blame - followed in close second by inferior glue and acrylic. It is the thought that counts [wink]
3. Per (2) - the motors were scavenged from vibrating tooth brushes - which one may presume drive very little current while operating at 1.5V - thus removing your plaque is not nearly as an aggressive of a task as is generating electricity to charge a coin cell battery.
4. Always diffuse lighting - especially when you did not.

TVShow 3X36 The Silence of The Phones
TVShow 3X35 Spectrumlife