Iceland has already accomplished as much as I could have wanted in the #WorldCup ... by embarrassing Tiger Woods commentators ... shit ... I meant Lionel Messi commentators.
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TVShow 4X03 Canon: Part I

"Time and Space" by Jason Donnelly
Music Design by Jason Inc.
TVShow 4X02 Broke Island

The only issue to be had with Oak Island is very much quite literally every thing. That said, I would bring a toy pail and shovel if they would permit me. #CaptVije4OakIsland
TVShow Series 4 Sneak Peak "Canon: Part I"
Where Are We (Me)? Vije Miller Update
(19) days ago, an event occurred that which thieved a near entirety of our (my) assets. Whilst known for my minimalism, as consequence of this, all possessions imperative to content creation were lost.

In that time, thanks to the contributions of numerous rather oddly generous person(s), we (aye) have obtained a new and noticeably improved Jacob interface (Dell E6430 2.6Ghz 8(16)G 2xSSD) -- having immensely disliked the previous Jacob interface (Acer Aspire E15 2.3Ghz 8G) for its inferior display and cumbersome size -- and are amidst obtaining a more suitable video recorder (phone, for AE/AF lock) than the presently surprisingly disappointingly inferior video recorder found on the Asus Zenfone 2 with an utter garbage resolution resulting in an obscene volume of artifacts unsuitable for keying.

That said, there is an understandable delay as by-product. As of this authoring, we (me) will be testing an acquaintance's iPhone 6 (blech) as a temporary apparatus, with aspirations of publishing new TVShow episodes in the near future. How many episodes, you did not ask? Here is a sneak peak at some of the titles scheduled over the next (60) days:

Argh · Alexa 8oh63rd · Toilet Candle · Canon: Part I · Canon: Part II · Christmassed · Descension · Hawaii 5-O: Saskatoon · ISHF · Peltier Mat · Roomba T-800 · Sponsored Episode · Wagon Hoes · (+/-12)
TVShow 4X01 Canon: Part III

"Magic Hour" by Neil Cross
Image Collect Publishing
4,547,724,018 New Year's Colloquial Greetings
A pleasant and other synonyms for good-mannered New Year to you who follow a more rationalized measure of time on Earth. #OTC #Gauhd #Project47
TVShow Series 4 Coming Soon

It seems like just 6 yesterdays ago when Series 3 came to a conclusion - and with Series 4 mere days away (ugh) - permit us to take a look back at Series 3 in what we shall call, 'taking a look back, at Series 3'. Enjoy, won't we?
TVShow 3X42 Wrath of Can

TVShow Series 3 Finale:
William Shatner's "Rocket Man" Rebuttal

1. As an un-fan of science fiction lore, "Wrath of Khan" by its own merits stands as a Shakespearian cinematic masterpiece(-ish) that must be viewed in a theater to truly appreciate.
2. Paraodied score and film are of course property of Paramount Pictures. Surely they shant forgive?!
3. Series 3 Retrospective: ... 303-165430
4. Each episode whilst in post, pains me as I become more aware of how my voice is similar in octave to a suction-impeded carpet vacuum cleaner.
5. Series 4 is nigh.
TVShow Series 3 Behind the Scenes
Unintentionally, the entirety of Series 3 was filmed in an apartment building in Astoria (Queens) New York City -- and while I can confidently say there has yet to be any place worse to film and record audio than New York -- with noticeably inferior equipment (see below) -- it had successfully served as to explore means to adapt, becoming more educated to film making.

In mere days, we [me] will depart this set location with hopes that it may burn to ashes behind us [me] -- with the foot note that with the advantages humans have today, there is only the limitations of talent -- which in accordance awards us all the right to judge and scorn product placed before us. We [me] having carved it up now for well over 100+ episodes, has cricked our own neck to the shaking of our own head.

Series 3 Equipment List
1. Droid Razr (Video)
2. Kata i5 (Video) - Amazon
3. ZTE N500 (Audio)
4. Voice Recorder - Android
5. 50" Aluminum Tripod - Amazon
6. Octopus Phone Tripod - Amazon
7. 9X6 Muslin Green Screen - Amazon
8. (2) Clamp Lights w/ 100W Incandescent - Home Depot
9. Lapel Microphone - Amazon
10. Wigs, Make-Up and Props - Party City
11. Adobe Premiere CC 2015 - Adobe
12. Adobe Audition CC 2015 - Adobe
13. Deverberate VST - Acon Digital
14. Red Giant AP Universe Plug-ins - Red Giant

Singular Thanks
HackADay and
Dina Laura
Flashing Light Prize
Discovery Canada

Stay tuned for the Series 3 Finale --
-- and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel
TVShow 3X41 Dateline "Thin Air"

Keith Morrison is a buttery voiced vampire legend.

What are we [me] going on about?
Stephen King's "Thinner" Trailer

"Dateline with Lester Holt" but never with Lester Holt? C'mon!