TVShow 4X17 World Cup Extra Time

Eat, breathe and sleep World Cup!
This .. this is likely how Neymar slumbers.
Vertical Mouse Hibachi
Having grown thru the era of computer peripherals, it is rather astonishing I have not yet lost all use of my wrist (shh!). With the discomfort of ergonomic pads and feng shui -esk body manipulation ... I relied on self control to reduce use.

Then I was incidentally introduced to the vertical mouse ... and circumstances what they are ... I desired one while unable to so disposably purchase one.


Immersed in boredom ... I put to work blade, solder and hot glue ... and butchered the living hell out of a mouse for sport.

TVShow 4X16 Canon: Part X
TVShow 4X15 Altice One, Two, Skip A Few ...

This is why Kirk never spoke to appliances.

Original Altice One "Voice Remote" Commercial

Bonti "More" (Nightcore)
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