@VijeMiller · 6h
The friend aye made the Arduino name badge for, posted it to Reddit and proceeds to garner enough attention for premium gifts and requests for sales. (>_ლ)

ATTiny85 dev 2.00
(8) Neopixels 0.83
Charging board 1.50
1000uf + 220ohm 0.05
5VL Battery?!

@VijeMiller · 7h
Scene editing with #Sketchup is solving several budgetary prop issues -> new episode that would have required a slew of costumes has been cheated(ish). #NoSpoilers

@VijeMiller · 7h
TBF removing NY students from class may increase national ranking which increases Federal spending to the state -> or officials just recognize that these dullards could miss entire grades and it not diminishing their genetically predisposed stupid.

@VijeMiller · 12h
Iran (major country) attacks Saudi Arabia (super power)
US: "Me. Me, me me ... me! Yeah, let's get it on!"

Shd US fire even a slingshot at Iran, the entirety of citizenship shd burn every capitol to the ground and string up every elected official.

@VijeMiller · 15h
Trumf: "Iran is responsible for the attack on Saudi Arabia."
USians: "Why?"
Trumf: "Eye [beat] ran."
USians: "The strike deployment and accuracy is more indicative of Israel."
Trumf: "Is real -ly Iran."

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