@VijeMiller · 8h
Video production was accomplished -> audio was not. What was anticipated to be a quiet morning turned stereotypical (for me) rambunctious. Audio for (2) new episodes will carry over to tomorrow -> while new useless machine goes in to print tonight.

@VijeMiller · 8h
Friendly reminder that Google, Facebook etc's "AI" is still not A.I. A.I.. It's algorithm cmd automation - a voice light switch that predicts about as well as early 2000's(g) Alta Vista. MSM calling it AI is how we got Einstein as prevalent.

@VijeMiller · 9h
"A rape victim will become an unwilling sperm recipient." - George Carlin -> worst part is, that the joke is some 30 years old.

@VijeMiller · 22h
(2) new #TVShow bit episodes go under the knife tomorrow morning -> followed by another useless machine episode for the #MacroFab contest -> followed by (2) bit episodes. #StayTuned

@VijeMiller · 23h
bin Laden and al Qaeda shifted back from Sudan to Afghanistan to regroup - then planned 9/11 -- flash forward --> ISIS shifts from Sudan to Afghanistan dot dot dot.
Vije Miller · 23h
Mohammed said al-Qaeda initially planned to target nuclear installations rather than the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but decided against it, fearing things could "get out of control"

Huh? The tin foil community can fence sit me.

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