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@VijeMiller · 1m
People, places and things generally speaking - suck. When comfortable with this - you may then enjoy the subtle things in life and make each metric of accomplishment matter that much more in an other meaningless life. Now, here's a sleepy bork.

@VijeMiller · 3h
The only reason the majority of congressmen and -women and journalists are not assassinated - is individual fear. When gathered en masse, those who have poisoned American culture will return to a healthy modicum of cowardice.

@VijeMiller · 3h
Trump is a scuz
Pelosi is a scam
Schumer is a puss
AOC is a ditz
Omar is a fraud
Biden is a creep
Hillary is a murderer
.. this is the best the US has to offer - which speaks more to democracy as a failing when too immense. #lim

@VijeMiller · 5h
The while liberal minded shout that others are NAZIs .. they are the ones banning words. Book burnings and increased sales in the VW Beetle is not far behind.

@VijeMiller · 11h
Wikipedia offering a refresher course for those who are least offended by people, places or things in the form of diatribe .. tho, tacohead?! Taco bender, taco tosser, taco leaf blower .. but tacohead?

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