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@VijeMiller · 12m
IF Nobel Prizes were sincere, they would have already been awarded to such individuals as the first person to write the genius slicer software for 3D printers that the avg man, woman and child uses daily. Instead we applaud discredited gravity waves.

@VijeMiller · 1h
American: Aye paid a monthly premium of 47$ for the last 6 years; my fucking insurance company won't cover more than 40% of 160,000$ in medical bills for my accident that was my fault. Corrupt ass holes!

47 x 12 x 6 = 3,384 of 160,000 = 2.2%

@VijeMiller · 12h
"Important" Person Tweet: Opinion.
Twitter: You are wrong, grrr!
"Important" Person: Me: Opinion You: Wrong!

Being upset of an opinion of your opinion is an oxymoron. Emphasis on moron.

@VijeMiller · 13h
Why did you leave hackaday.io?

1. Censorship w/o consultation 2. Stagnant & clunky platform 3. Dismisses maker changes 4. Poor interaction (content/contests)

Otherwise aye wholly support HaD front-end for supporting small makers!

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