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Ayh think Disney doing horror remakes of their old products is clever consumptioning.

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A faith in a community to leave your door open or unlocked -is- country. Today we aspire for the next technology to further lock us down in our homes. We are no longer a country and shd not treat it as such. To have it again, we must segregate.. by agreement or war. #pfs

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The lack or misuse of Peter Capaldi is a cinematic crime. Some actors inherently occupy a visual space - he compounds with vocal definition and inflection. Ayh could write 10 scripts tomorrow (treatments maybe) for him in every conceivable genre. Perhaps Capaldi shd Costner and generate his own productions to suit his wants.

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>california ev mandate
>summer blackouts
>grid mocked
Send in the terrorists!
>ev could save the grid

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CM Punk is the benchmark on what differentiates smarks who ruin the business and fans. His indie elitist garbage arrogance, elevated only by Japan-type smarks, was bought by a weaker generation of WWE bookers, and he ushered in the spot monkey gimmickless whiner workers that have zero redeeming value in entertainment. Covered in tattoos that caters no gimmick is an instant red flag. Smarks are only now coming around to recognizing he has always been a dump truck. He, TNA and the Daniel Bryans that followed poisoned professional wrestling.

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A unified "no" vote is the only way to prove deception, yet you will never achieve such a level of commitment from a zealotous mass so desperately clung. For this, the only alternative, is a violent revolution.

The /majority/ has no power when they perpetually play the minority's own game. #PeasantsRevolt

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>volvo battery operated cars
>driver camera
Sleeping? Shut it down.
Cursing? CBDC demerit.
Sex? Volvo rep records for later.
Our want of digital luxury has simply given the store away.

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Gobsmacked all these years later, after having now edited some 255 mediocre #TVShow episodes using modern technology (Premiere, After Effects, etc), by the subtle visual effects layered on #MoulinRouge, edited some 22 years ago. You would never think twice of a seemingly insignificant shadow over-laid on a green screened character, but it adds such depth and texture -- done with ~(°-°)~ magic(?!). They still supplemented 8mm in-camera editing and projection splicing where my friend was going to film school at the time.

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