@pkvi · 12h
>could we just reduce taxes
Tut tut mon fiere. We provide them with a fractional communist handout of their own unwilling contribution and keep the overhead.

@pkvi · 1d
It says a lot that apparently the only people whom demonstrate the proper open minded and critical thinking perspective on events with any semblance of consistency and absence of memory loss ..are the most racist and bigoted people online ~(°-°)~

@pkvi · 1d
#Miter Update 98020
- search function improved

@pkvi · 1d
You would have to be an asshole to dislike Luhrmann's eye for direction -- but that aside, his abilities are not in telling real world stories. He is too abstract when you are forced to be too well grounded in truths. His films require letting go -- immersing yourself in to the ionosphere. #Elvis is like telling you a riddle by semaphore.

@pkvi · 1d
>leftist globalist totalitarians
>rightist idolatrous contrarians

@pkvi · 1d
When did opinion become the norm for news?
>always has been
At least it was not as masquerading in the past.

@pkvi · 1d
Unwanted is synonymous with success. The religious right is unknowingly increasing third world 'migration'.
>klaus approves

@pkvi · 2d
#TheBoys 3X06 (o.ô)

@pkvi · 2d
There are absolutely no heroes in today's mess of performance virtue -- you have the religious right who are basking in their contrary values of freedom -- and you have the left who are weeping over a consequential resource of reckless excessive fucking. These are moments ayh ponder the luxuries of being born an elite where such peasantry behavior is dismissed from my private Maldives island workshop.

@pkvi · 2d
There has been a distinctive transition over the last 100 years (thanks FDR) from the role to be more perceived as an individualistic authority -- a few thousand mini-dictators. Isolation to DC aides in this segregation. Thing is, humans prefer the simplicity of an autonomous authority as representation -- it is merely that in our democracy this is spread about so broadly that the avg pleb has no grasp of whom they spurn or support or obey. #AbolishCongress

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