@VijeMiller · 12h
When did you first acknowledge your being a pleb?

@VijeMiller · 23h
6X16 in the can --> in post-
6X17 in pre-
6X18 second draft
6X19 first draft
6X20 (Episode 200) ~(O_o)~

@VijeMiller · 23h
Influenza: May ayh come back now?!
Leftists: You never left, now be still [slits throat]

@VijeMiller · 1d

@VijeMiller · 1d
Whom do you believe?
Was the letter snide and they sought to save face?
Was the letter kind bcz who is Trump but an elite?
That is the state of our culture.. trust is unattainable.
Without trust you have fear.
Draw your blade and slash at the dark.

@VijeMiller · 1d
By order of the Senate, Gaius Julius Caesar is declared enemy of Rome. --> thou the lesser of two evils. Nay, Trump is no Caesar while too no different than in elite and brand.

@VijeMiller · 1d
Please do. Ayh tire of the meandering of traditional Americans --> poke the bear.. anything is better than reluctant obedience.

@VijeMiller · 1d
You recognize, they were never actual opponents the American people put on that stage. What was Trump then? A plant who was taken too seriously?.. then let power get to his head and broke ranks w/ elites so they crucified him as a lesson to others?

@VijeMiller · 1d
Biden's 'assassination' will not be about Kamala. ..and to steer the metaphor even further.. what if this was always about revenge? Religious zealotry versus nationalism.

@VijeMiller · 1d
50 says the next words out of his mouth are "Ayh couldn't fight them from within the swamp so now ayh can fight them from outside the swamp." This.. is smoke. Either he spills the beans day one or --> he was blackmailed or was always a gold brick.

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