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Leftist: Women are equal to men.
Also Leftist: This MTF can not compete with women, it's unfair.
Still Leftist: [brain implodes]

From the ashes the leftist rises, stumbles around and gathers their uselessness, waiting for others to outrage, to know.

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In our kingdom --> all visitors of our country (which would be scrutinized) would befall a punishment far worse for actions against our people. For example, this Brazilian shit sack would be freely beaten by citizens w/o consequence. #McGui #pfs

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Third world countries are protesting against their government for a preservation of their rights and culture.

First world countries are protesting against their own people for a disintegration of their rights and culture.

Ancestors: Just move.

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Time: Ah ah paparazzi are dangerous ah horrible ah.
Also Time: E.T. star arrested on DUI.

In our kingdom, it would be conditioned to be disgusted by the very notion of bothering to care what "celebrities" do/think/live out side of their labors. #pfs

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2/2 Homosexuals and transsexuals are inevitable bcz 7.6B of our species can not possibly arrive at symmetrical outcomes. To give and/or permit attention to their boisterous nature is to no differently appease the crying toddler.

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Right-wingers ask how to diminish this 'epidemic' of men turning female --> the first step is to shut the fuck up. The internet has its own form of economic inflation in that insignificant figures are elevated thru discourse (demand). 1/2

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The not full off their self small town restaurant appeal is amplified by the very full of their self big city restaurant atmosphere. "Chefs", you serve a product that spends more time coming out as poo than does linger on the tastes buds. #lim

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As desperately as we want to seem unique in history - there are redundant examples of cultures muddied by efforts to change the social conditions, due to lethargy of existence. Each and every culture was changed - by revolution. #pfs

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