@pkvi · 1d
How dare you anticipate Britons in Britain.
>you must be reeducated

@pkvi · 2d
>deja vu
With remarkable precision and certainty..
..for the fourth experience of note.
(≖_≖ ) ..science fwd but skeptical
\(°-°)/ ..is it unreasonable?
>aym a glitch
Print tees, 5.95$ msrp.
>psychological disorder
Yep, that's the one.

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>32 days
- 7 to 9 #TVShow episodes (includes S8 finale)
- 1 to 3 engineering projects
- #pfs CIRA in 023 (otc)
(╯°□°)╯︵ stick-to-itiveness (Websters)

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>do you trust the fda
Why trust the FDA? Do ayh require the FDA to define what ayh shd already know about certain mechanisms of food and drugs? Or are things so surpassed comprehensible that ayh need to apply faith into a government agency to convince me that said radical things are okay to consume, which by very premise of being abstract enough to require explanation, is evidence of not being ideal?
>fda regulates production
Which is not limited to organic boundaries as would be the unspoken contract of regulating said food and drug production.

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PFS 313 022 2
>crispr home game

@pkvi · 2d
Shd ayh challenge the spelling for they/them/it?
>people with mentally ill french disabled college degrees

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When seeing the similarities of cultural traits between the southern Americas and Middle East from thousands of years ago, it questions the Bering Strait migration theory. Why would hunter/gatherers (in abundance) travel north during an ice age and traverse an inhospitable region, then rather than there being evidence of an even distribution of technological advancement thru the Americas, it is predominantly further south? Meanwhile there is evidence of 30,000 years ago, peoples having travelled thru the southern Pacific to inhabit islands.

Ayh question the haplogroup genealogy studies when C can be found having travelled from the Middle East, over the Strait -and- thru the southern Pacific while Q is only having travelled north from the Middle East then directly thru Siberia and down to South America. Aym patient in perspective of migration relative to time, but the Strait theory requires a remarkable amount of thin threads of population to achieve such a broad distribution.

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Zahi Hawass is a trope greedy Arab cunt. There is zero reason for the resistance to vast exploration of acknowledged chambers throughout the Egyptian pyramids and monuments --> and the one person who seems having been attached to the convoluted opposition for numerous decades is Hawa$$. Meanwhile, there is countless examples of his throttling archeologists and hoarding attention. It appears that rather than be spread thin, as he must appear at every discovery for credit, he would rather obstruct. When he dies, perhaps our understanding of human civilization will begin to improve.

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Fancy soap remains that long standing evidence of modern mindless female consumerism poisoning civilization; anyone who has had a gf or wife who bought fancy soap and displayed it (in a bathroom no less) would know or anticipate the innate rage she would exhume if you used soap (long pause) as soap.

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PFS 313 022 1
>medical compliance cause of death
Did ayh stutter?

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