@VijeMiller · 1d
Hillary must have one fucked up Google Alerts. The vibrating notification is about to shake harder than MJFox. CIA probably has to clear an entire line for her peer-to-peer murder porn.

@VijeMiller · 1d
There is a thick moist heaping red line between news, and blog. CNN hilariously transitioned in to the modern era by misunderstanding how news had a median era as written word that did not translate well with b/s.

@VijeMiller · 1d
Jews are coming out swinging bcz they read the terrain and it seemingly says that the avg citizen is a coward, unwilling to sacrifice for the preservation of a peoples.

Impeach their elected candidate and they better red flag every gun owning voter

@VijeMiller · 1d
Amazon, the box store company, has unfettered access to cameras thru-out your home that you voluntarily placed bcz you either think you are on the cutting edge of technology so you are 'cool' -or- too lazy to change apps on the phone you are holding.

@VijeMiller · 1d
Vote Now:
A. She probably deserved it.
B. She definitely deserved it.
C. She's a British(?) model(?!) named Alessandra Starr Ward so Nature is explicitly telling her she deserved it.
D. All of the above.

@VijeMiller · 1d
Day 111 : Hour 2,664
220mAh / 2,664
+/-0.0826mA/h Discharge Rate?
IF it had yet died, which it has not.
No queries, just awe.

@VijeMiller · 1d
Male Soldier: CONTACT! GO, GO, GO!
Female Soldier: Aye need 3 extra minutes so go on ahead.

These standards feel like a fucking joke --> and women are failing them. 24 year old women has to complete 1/3rd requirements. Trans do half or none?

@VijeMiller · 1d
Having another one of my bipolar villain or hero - or both which technically still qualifies as a pole(s) - moment where now it seems more satisfying to shut off the world's power for any where from 180 to 365 days --> for sport ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ #pfs

@VijeMiller · 1d
Fuck #Ergohuman chairs! It has been a month and this piece of shit over priced 800 dollar chair has been the most uncomfortable, ball twisting, bend over back raping dog shit of an ass appliance. It is so g d bad, aye need to sketch what a chair is!

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