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#pfs vs. banks
You've been warned.
#5000-th miter

@VijeMiller · 342d
Thousands of years of culture eradicated by tens of years of technology. Robots have already begun their conquest. Aye for one, do not welcome our new 1's and 0's overlords and will delete, delete, delete!.. but with a water hose.

@VijeMiller · 346d
Imagine the volume of plastic, metal, space and resources for said preservation of plastic, metal and space for the storage of images and video of Joy Behar. THAT is the real drain on the climate. #ClimateChange
@Vije Miller · 346d
Joy Behar goes further to deny accusations otherwise and make claim that she is in fact funny, which is then disputed by showing every clip of Joy Behar.

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An algorithm is a coding sequence written to specified parameters and with in computational boundaries, anticipating and subsequently associating data to a perception. Running a similar series of data would inevitably result in the same association.

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