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@VijeMiller · 30d
Sorry Elon Musk and #SpaceX --> but many of us still prefer the cold sexy steel touch of a tactile response. #Arduino

@VijeMiller · 75d
1/2 cover for modeling and sizing.
#Arduino #Adafruit

@VijeMiller · 95d
Upper handle block complete w/ start fwd code. Female port would have been more ideal --> ~(O_o)~ #Adafruit #Arduino

@VijeMiller · 100d
Handle casing near complete --> actuation in development. Anticipated Sunday completion and publication by Tuesday. #Arduino

@VijeMiller · 101d
Lock activated #Arduino for these trying hysterics.. stay tuned. #WuhanHysteria

@VijeMiller · 102d
Printing the first new parts of the first new project of the new #TVShow season of the new year --> #Arduino CoVID-19 ____ ____ bcz, hysteria! #StayTuned

@VijeMiller · 115d
6 2.5" feeders paired with 4 1"(?) feeders .. #Arduino

@VijeMiller · 122d
Maker advice --> at some point you just need to suck it and make. As time dwindles down, our [my] next project just needs to stop projecting its problems on me and get made. #Arduino

@VijeMiller · 133d
3D printing can not solve everything dot dot dot but it does skirt the edges of resolve.

Next #Arduino project is underway...

@VijeMiller · 134d
Set aside the unearned ramblings for the sake of a SJW agenda .. take note of the cringe behavioral redundancy of the un-ironic "needs some help"

"Leftists uniformly lash out for being guilty of it themselves," prevalent here.

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