@VijeMiller · 5d
An update to the #Arduino serial-to-servo code with serial-to-VarSpeedServo which permits controlling pos and speed for multiple servos.

@VijeMiller · 7d
Under side view of /cloud/ showing snow scraper mechanism and rain mesh. #Arduino #NodeMCU

@VijeMiller · 7d
Top view of rain/snow/cloud fixture --> showing fan and heat sink for peltier elements. #Arduino #NodeMCU

@VijeMiller · 8d
...with room to spare. #Arduino #NodeMCU

@VijeMiller · 13d
#Arduino and #NodeMCU aquarium (3) valve system operated by 9G servos --> 5V pump --> 24V mist generator with printed guard. #ComingSoon

@VijeMiller · 14d
Finalized modeling --
Final printing --
Finally off the desk novelty
#Weather (>_ლ)

@VijeMiller · 15d
PBS Boston has requested use of our Arduino Wave Generator Tank video for educational purposes (waves) -- does this mean ayh could potentially be paying (in taxes) to watch my own video?!

@VijeMiller · 22d
Upcoming #TVShow Episodes:
1. Jaws World
2. Arduino and NodeMCU Aquarium Weather w/ K8Y Tsunami
3. NYC Fire Hydrant Prank 2
4. Face
5. Delayed

@VijeMiller · 24d
Done. (O_o)>

Final printing parts - testing - episodic prod. --> done(done)

@VijeMiller · 24d
Riders on the Storm (and the like) by The Doors is apparently our [my] sweet spot for coding-zone-out --> new #Arduino code (project) nearly complete. #StayTuned

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