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@VijeMiller · 50d
Antifa and Trumpers share something fundamental in common --> government is broken. Government will do every thing it can to prevent these two groups from meeting in the middle on this particular subject. #BreakTheWheel

@VijeMiller · 61d
Allowing the notion that these are actors is how you fail --> they should be advocating this as a success of desire to #breakthewheel.

That said; false flags will be coming in hot and heavy --> their metric are more CIA-MIL class (bombs).

@VijeMiller · 61d
Being the obese nerd loon George Martin is --> he would not approve of my employing #BreakTheWheel .. which is thus entirely his fault for encapsulating the premise so well. That said --> break the wheel.

@VijeMiller · 112d
829 local news stations (US)
Avg 10 on-air "journalists"
8,290 local propagandists!
Tier 3: Media is much more than CNN MSNBC and FOX. #BreakTheWheel

@VijeMiller · 114d
Tier 3 sycophants believe they are unique valued individuals.. when in fact they are merely fodder for the competition waged between Tier 1 elites. #BreakTheWheel

@VijeMiller · 131d
States are starting to insert language to protect themselves from accountability when the covid response is revealed a fraud. tHEre Is nOThiNg We cAN dO aBOut It. #BreakTheWheel

@VijeMiller · 133d
Before the CoVID19 fraud, ayh was certain that my life was to be spent on the pursuit of creating a new country by way of the destruction of an inferior culture.. but now.. perhaps its the world ayh can change after all --> #BreakTheWheel #pfs

@VijeMiller · 140d
Its right there, staring you in the face.. handing it to you on a platter --> you just have to open your eyes and look. #BreakTheWheel #CovidAudit

@VijeMiller · 145d
Imagine being so fucking ass backwards as a government service that you would shut down the very services that aid the helpless bcz people who were not helpless caught a cold. #BreakTheWheel

@VijeMiller · 145d
The loss of the ability to make jokes regardless of reason should have been when an entire culture fought aggressively to restore their dignity and freedoms. Without humor we are drones --> with masks and refrain as so commanded. #BreakTheWheel

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