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@VijeMiller · 12d
>reporters triggered by 'freedom'

@VijeMiller · 13d
Q to Vije: Why are you so anti-semitic?!
A to Vije: Where there's smoke, there's fire.

@VijeMiller · 16d
The English pay for this. This is engineered to cater to a segment of the population that only exists in antagonistic contrast to the English people. Also, it says "I" so those who "poo-poo" on "ayh" shd take note, "I" is for dullards. #BurnTheBridge

@VijeMiller · 19d
Remarkable confidence from science stated individuals whom support evidence of "rarity" in a drug not yet a year old in distribution. Only 1/5th the time a normal drug roll out is trialed. Heart damage does not "go away". #BurnTheBridge

@VijeMiller · 19d

@VijeMiller · 24d
(╯°□°)╯︵ #burnthebridge
>salem witch trials
>takes notes

@VijeMiller · 25d
Religions change over time.

@VijeMiller · 27d
This truth has been navigated by elites for 50+ years.
Corps were caught so they hijacked it, buying pols/media.
Caught again, more money in puppet pockets, own media.
#BurnTheBridge --> bcz its always been them.

@VijeMiller · 32d
Gee, ayh suppose ((they)) support #BurnTheBridge too! Let's all burn the bridge together.. [reads Reich's bio] oh golly.. sorry Robert, no trespassers. ~(°-°)~

@VijeMiller · 34d
Only 37% of Democrats want Biden on the '24 ticket. 37% of 81 million "votes" is a more accurate tally thus no-change. That shd be the spin, CNN. #BurnTheBridge

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