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@pkvi · 13d
Yep, all symptoms for symptoms of a disease of a disease of a disease <-- accurate representation. They mock their own sheep.
>mentally unstable suffer from long cohoax
-- from the regular one too, but for longer.
My advice is that if you wish to guard humanity --> kill yourself and take that mentally fixated virus with you. #BurnTheBridge

@pkvi · 22d

@pkvi · 26d

@pkvi · 27d
Eggs, wheat, soy, salt, meat, sugar, hiv, experimental injections.. surely once in a while they get one right or accidentally truthful? >can't make an omelet w/o cracking a few eggs
'Experts' do inherently gravitate to that phrase.
#BurnTheBridge (for the previous propaganda)

@pkvi · 29d
Remember when we were told to stop saying "retard" and changed it to "mentally abled" and then offered them jobs so as to participate in society? They rose up in the ranks from door greeters to terrorists so quickly, good for them. #BurnTheBridge

@pkvi · 37d
This is not "pre-bunking", this is social engineering. This is propaganda in its purest form.. no different than dropping leaflets manipulating you into denouncing your leaders. Pre-bunking is the latest trend word for controlling dialog, formerly 'fact-checking' and anti-'misinformation'. They are /pollution- global- warming- climate- changing- the term. #BurnTheBridge

@pkvi · 38d
Cable news ratings convey you dismiss that it is nonsense to have explicit hatred for these terrorists; 2M to 500K viewers (how many 'just on' televisions?) in a pop of 325M is misleading. 71% watch local news and the network "world news" hour. That, collaborated with social media censorship and algorithmic trends and /also's/ is where the real propaganda is done. #BurnTheBridge

@pkvi · 39d
Ayh hate you, bridge.
Ayh hate the people you've hired,
brainwashed, cultivated, perpetuated.
Ayh hate the way you look, feel, taste, smell, sound.
This relationship is too toxic and you have to go.
This is my house and aym kicking you out.

@pkvi · 40d
..never neither.

@pkvi · 41d
You fucking asshole peasants spreading rumors of 1 in 3 teenagers suffering heart complications from a second experimental injection of hysteria juice -- it is a trifling 1 in 6. Stop spreading all these malicious misinformationses.
(≖_≖ )> #BurnTheBridge

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