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@VijeMiller · 33d
#BurnTheBridge --> or they will build another level. Double decker, indeed.

@VijeMiller · 34d
Cuckservatives see Biden kneeling to counter-culture --> but he is not facing them. He and they are facing and kneeling to whom they truly serve as human-logos --> media. #BurnTheBridge

@VijeMiller · 36d
*this is not financial advice
(it technically is)

@VijeMiller · 38d
48 to 63 in ~1 week? Must have been a pipe burst in the Mumbai poll call center. #NotThePresident #BurnTheBridge

@VijeMiller · 39d
These past 365 days has made asking 'wtf?' meek --> we know they are committing serious grievances against us; we are experiments to them; we should be demanding or more respectful of history --> tearing it all down. #BurnTheBridge

@VijeMiller · 42d
#TheOwners slogan "building back better" is remarkably retarded linguistically. Absent of secret society symbols, this awkward statement many politicians are obliged to say is of certainty a secret handshake. #BurnTheBridge

@VijeMiller · 44d

@VijeMiller · 45d
Know a FDNY-Marine whose uncle was shot and killed during a robbery --> but hey, those 0.0001% of CoVID19 dnr elderly and obese, real heroes! CNN (#Tier3) is propaganda for government (#Tier2) propaganda for elites (#Tier1) propaganda. #BurnTheBridge

@VijeMiller · 46d
News is dry
Propaganda is wet

@VijeMiller · 50d
CNN, Jade Sacker, etc --> #BurnTheBridge

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