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@pkvi · 10d
>volvo battery operated cars
>driver camera
Sleeping? Shut it down.
Cursing? CBDC demerit.
Sex? Volvo rep records for later.
Our want of digital luxury has simply given the store away.

@pkvi · 12d
>expiration date
*you have [robot voice] four [end voice] hours to spend [robot voice] forty seven [end voice] CBDC credits or they will be returned to the reserve to be redistributed to you next credit cycle.*

@pkvi · 16d
>when were you born
>fuck it, here is your bc and eid
>and here is your free phone to spend your cbdc
>ayh don't have internet
>look up, its papa-elon
The next few years will be mental with this larp.

@pkvi · 18d
>proportionally optional
#CBDC will make it not-optional.
It will be automated.
Inarguable otherwise your money deactivated.
Raised on a propagandized whim.
It can not be stopped --
-- but we can segregate ourselves from it. #pfs

@pkvi · 28d
Starlink: 2,383 (goal 42,000)
Amazon: testing soon (goal ~3,200)
>accessible internet
Bcz the internet is presently so difficult to access? (≖_≖ ) These are numbers you can not reconcile with without referencing ulterior motives. This all encompassing network is the dalliances of science fiction, to control, track, navigate, authorize, everything everywhere all at once.
>cbdc and eid
Most plausible deduction.

@pkvi · 32d
Corporate overlord wakes up one day..
>too many wealthy aos
>too many cooks in the kitchen
>wagies have it too good and want more
At bourbon and cigars he suggests..
>remove 'em
>must fill the labor gap
>poison and immigration
What about third world behavior?!
>good, keep wagies suckling

@pkvi · 32d
An economic crash is a transition tool.
>remove upper-middle class wealth
>propagandize markets weakened by fiat
>propagandize digital currency more stable
They will put everyone on a form of EBT (CBDC).
Note: EBT crashed the other day.

@pkvi · 40d
>cohoax dropped
>fauci out
>cdc back peddling
>employment to inflation ratio irregular
>long list of supply chain sabotage
>bull trap
>banks adjusting policies
(╯°□°)╯︵ mid-September engineered global economic crash to lead us into environmental shutdowns and dropping fiat for CBDC and requisite companion EID.
>terrorist changing of the guard

@pkvi · 45d
>third world
>least resistance
>eid, cbdc, starlink
Soft opening.

@pkvi · 52d
>cbdc makes it feasible for a central bank to keep track of the location of every unit of the currency
What a non-invasive not-at-all-creepy way to help me find my wallet.

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