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@VijeMiller · 242d
This is evidence that in reality --> #ChinamanChills has been spreading since December (or earlier) and no one rightly cared bcz flu season deaths were nominal --> business as usual.

Then, we name it and suddenly America cucked.

@VijeMiller · 243d
Until they say that said disease is resilient on blue masking tape, there is not demanding of me. #ChinamanChills

@VijeMiller · 243d
It takes 4 days 3 hours and 30 minutes to binge watch #TheOffice which shd be the metric for the amount of time a Millennial could be caged. Now day +/-10 --> they must be internet-ing-ly ravaged waiting for Starbucks to reopen! #ChinamanChills

@VijeMiller · 243d
#ChinamanChills > Wuhan Virus ≤ Kung Flu

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