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@VijeMiller · 386d
For NASA to even suggest a specific gender or race of persons that shd be the foremost candidates for the next astronaut program to the Moon is evidence enough of their failings as an agency of science. Function before fashion. #CloseAmerica

@VijeMiller · 392d
1773: Americans protest Britain's tax paying for wars.
2019: Americans protest paying to ride the subway.

@VijeMiller · 508d
US debt up 25% - surely it is the fault of the single person elected to diplomatically negotiate with foreign powers while other wise holding no actual domestic power - and not the 535 individuals elected to rule over domestic issues. #CloseAmerica

@VijeMiller · 522d
Congratulations on the success of marijuana in America. Bravo to achieving the goals of the least important for the least imperative when it matters most. Next up? Passing law to permit used butt plugs as a form of Federal currency. #CloseAmerica

@VijeMiller · 524d
Friendly reminder that Minnesota - home of Fitzgerald, Keillor, Dylan, Schulz, Gilliam, Garland, Coen - has a Somali Congresswoman (DFL). (>_ლ) #CloseAmerica

@VijeMiller · 525d
"I am talented and deserving of your respect .. you can tell this by the manner at which I stay humble, professional and by my ability to spread at a near perfect 90 degree angle." #CloseAmerica

@VijeMiller · 558d
Black AND homosexual .. that will surely solve Chicago's woes. When crime inevitably increases for years, 2024(g) Chicagoianites will seek out a black, hispanic, jewish transgender paraplegic. #CloseAmerica

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