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@VijeMiller · 3d
Absence of contrast from the media
is all the evidence of /scyunce/ you need.

MSM: CoVID19 cases were x this month.
Science: What about influenza this time last year.. for comparison?
MSM: CoVid19 CaSEs wERe x ThIS mONtH!


@VijeMiller · 60d
>wuhan a distraction to avert you from the countless (unknown) internationally based US operated bioweapon laboratories. If you see CoVID19 as suspect then accepting any propaganda from either complicit party is fools gold.

@VijeMiller · 61d
deBlasio FEB20: CoVID19 is not serious.
deSantis AUG20: CoVID19 is not serious (shows 99.98%)
deBlasio JUL21: No masks, yes vax.
deSantis JUL21: No masks, yes vax.
When will Trump supporters learn --> we are on our own.

@VijeMiller · 97d
Question we have been asking that looks more credible each day is; has influenza been a lie too? Knowing CoVID19 was all-else, there are five strains annually and yet you only know the difference relative to pharmaceutical shills informing you.

@VijeMiller · 98d
Hitting a narrative escapism stride --> and yet this is still effort to give credibility to CoVID19 having existed at all --> bearing in mind that the symptoms they are changing it to are the very things that disappeared (influenza/common cold).

@VijeMiller · 111d
>fauci lied
1. ~(°-°)~ He was not in charge --> Trump "was".
2. How is this news?! Ayh personally have a ~450 day old post remarking on that --> but keep saying "CoVID19 was real" bcuz that is precisely what they want.

@VijeMiller · 113d
Most popular way to die from CoVID19 was.. influenza.
Wait.. what?! (._.)> Then.. wouldn't it just be inf--
[website decommissioned]
CDC: Why can't it be both?
That's why we didn't report influenza.
(-_-) ..ayh see you.

@VijeMiller · 117d
Big Pharma tricked us into thinking
CoVID19 was influenza for decades.

@VijeMiller · 125d
>influenza causes influenza
>sars(1) causes sars
>measles causes measles
>colds causes colds
SARS(2) causes CoVID19

@VijeMiller · 127d
CDC Jan-20: We have the genetic data
[8 weeks later]
CDC: Shut it down! Panic!
Apparently in the span of one year the ability to do science improved so greatly that science can be done in a quarter of the time. Helps when CoVID19 was entirely a hoax.

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