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@VijeMiller · 28d
Wonder why we never saw a demographic timeline of the first 1,000 with/from CoVID19 fatalities to see if a pattern was evident early on that it primarily affected elderly and hospice --> thus every decision there after was corruption not corrective.

@VijeMiller · 28d
The first few thousand fatalities attributed with/to CoVID19 (it was influenza) were elderly and hospice --> we knew what this was. Donald Trump is complicit even if advisors were bearing false witness. China is asshoe and a dodge.

@VijeMiller · 30d
2019 NYC Mother: Don't go outside w/o your jacket, you'll catch pneumonia.

2020 NYC Mother: Go outside in the cold so you don't catch CoVID19.

Neither are scientifically accurate and --> #HonkHonk

@VijeMiller · 35d
2,548,358 people have died in America this year (thus far) --> if we were to believe CoVID19 is CoVID19 then 2,258,358 people died regardless if you wore a mask or not. Also, CoVID19 is influenza.

@VijeMiller · 36d
The dried tip of used squeeze cheese is more dangerous than CoVID19 --> Donald Trump is complicit in the fraud.

@VijeMiller · 36d
Chipotle phews as it still only causes diarrhea.
Polish EMTs CoVID19 test Apple Juice

@VijeMiller · 39d
Health care workers are prescribed to be in the first candidates for the CoVID19 vaccine --> and seeing as most are either pension fearful or book work mongoloids --> if you are looking for a job, a whole lot of RN vacancies are about to open up.

@VijeMiller · 44d
NASA and contracted engineering companies build in clean labs --> blame "CoVID19" for delays. This did not impede executives propagandizing the token astronaut cast that will never go. #HonkHonk

@VijeMiller · 48d
North Korea is exploiting the CoVID19 hoax.
America is North Korea
Americans are North Koreans --> happily distracted with entertainment and amenities. America is a resort time share.

@VijeMiller · 59d
"CoVID did it." --> Be prepared for CoVID19 being blamed for every condition, from hot flashes to Chipotle diarrhea.. especially when there is an Instagram 'like' involved.

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