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@VijeMiller · 49d
Snopes: 2020 mortality rate is not yet able to be determined accurately.
Also Snopes: 322,000 people have died from CoVID19.

@VijeMiller · 52d
What percent of a populace must be unconscious for the remainder to be subservient --> asks the upper tiers. Belief in science is not synonymous with understanding data to support your beliefs. CoVID19 is not real.

@VijeMiller · 53d
GoVT20 was far deadlier than "CoVID19"

27% of US restaurants that permanently shuttered did not close bcz of a coronavirus --> they all closed bcz we cowered to government conditioning.

SARS2 is real --> CoVID19 is not

@VijeMiller · 53d
That History: There is no way we can just trace a respiratory disease.. its literally everywhere!
This History: The tree killed them.

SARS2 is real --> CoVID19 is not

@VijeMiller · 53d
There are 7+ seasonal respiratory infections is CoVID19.
SARS-2 is real --> CoVID19 is not

@VijeMiller · 60d
CoVID19 related

@VijeMiller · 62d
Since #CoVID19 became the only cause of death, you must now specify having not died of CoVID19.

Updated Benoit's wiki --> Chris murdered w/ non-CoVID19 related breathing issues and died from self inflicted non-CoVID19.

@VijeMiller · 64d
Wisdom: CoVID19 response is a fraud and CoVID19 is influenza!

Wisdom(?): Pointing that out with charts, data and research for the 270th consecutive day.

Diplomacy does not work.

@VijeMiller · 68d
Remember when CoVID19 was a symptoms free for all?! 270 days later you'd be hard pressed to find a masked zealot (or "expert") able to distinguish anything other than presuming influenza symptoms (bcz its influenza).

@VijeMiller · 69d
Wonder why we never saw a demographic timeline of the first 1,000 with/from CoVID19 fatalities to see if a pattern was evident early on that it primarily affected elderly and hospice --> thus every decision there after was corruption not corrective.

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