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@VijeMiller · 62d
Unquestionably this --> times whatever Cuomhole last purported. The typical daily death toll -especially influenza- seems to have mysteriously vanished from the registery. Surprised someone has not expired from a GSWCoVID-9mm. #WuhanHysteria

@VijeMiller · 65d
Under normal circumstances;
#NYC has a death every 9 minutes (160/day)

125 people have died (1% of tested) in 11 days
from "complications of wuhan" avg 11 deaths p/day.
Reduce crime/accidents from containment and ~(O_o)~ no change?!

@VijeMiller · 66d
tHe STocK mARkeT. 150,000,000 Americans do not work for or on the stock market, asshole (Cuomhole). Leftists prove they are disingenuous when they can not tell the difference between THE economy and YOUR economy. #WuhanHysteria

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